The Best 4K Ultra HD TVs For Your Home Theater

Ready to Jump into 4k Ultra HD TV? Here Are Some Great Choices

4K Ultra HD TVs are now in the mainstream with a wide variety of screen sizes and prices. Although, as of 2016, 4K TV broadcasting is still pending, native 4K resolution content can be accessed via several streaming services, such as Netflix and Vudu, as well as through the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc format, and on a limited basis via DirecTV.

Most 4K UltraHD TVs available are LED/LCD technology based, although OLED-based units are sneaking in. There are no Plasma TVs on the list as that technology was discontinued in late 2014 for consumer availability.

NOTE: The following list is updated periodically as newer models are introduced that are worthy of consideration.

LG OLEDE6P Series 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs

LG E6P Series 4K ULtra HD OLED TV
LG E6P Series 4K ULtra HD OLED TV. Image provided by LG Electronics

If you are looking for one of the best TVs out there, then you might consider an LG OLEDE6P series Ultra HD Premium OLED TV. What make this series of TVs different is that they combine 4k Ultra HD display resolution capability with OLED, instead of LED/LCD display technology - This enables the TV to display the deepest black levels possible (if you are upgrading from a Plasma TV - you will be happy).

Also, as another bonus, the LG OLEDE6P series incorporates Dolby Vision and HDR10 High Dynamic Range Technology, that in conjunction with properly-encoded Ultra HD Blu-ray or Streaming (such as select offerings by Netflix and Vudu), provide viewers with the brightest and widest contrast images possible on a TV platform.

The LG OLED65E6P series sets are also 3D compatible via LG Cinema 3D technology (dubbed as 4K 3D+), which uses comfortable to wear and less expensive battery-free passive polarized glasses (2 Pairs Included).

The OLEDE6P series provides extensive Smart TV features incorporating LG's WebOS 3.0 operating system. The sets include both Ethernet port and built-in Wifi for network/internet connectivity, as well as built-in HEVC (H.265) and VP9 decoding, which allows access to 4K Neflix and 4K Vudu Streaming. A full Web Browser is also included, and the set can also access content stored on other DLNA compatible devices on your home network.

Another connectivity/content access function includes Wifi Direct (Miracast) which allows content sharing between compatible smartphones and the TV.

Of course, standard AV connections are provided, including an RF input, 4 ​HDMI inputs, 1 ​Shared Component/Composite video input, 3 USB ports, and a digital optical output for connection to an external audio system.

The LG OLEDE6P Series is available in the 55 and 65-inch screen sizes. Buy from Amazon »

Samsung KS8500 Series SUHD LED/LCD TVs

Samsung KS8500 Series SUHD TV
Samsung KS8500 Series SUHD TV. Image provided by Samsung

If you are looking for a high-performance TV then check out the Samsung KS8500 SUHD Series 4k Ultra HD LED/LCD TVs.

This series features a very slim, bezeless, curved screen design and LED Edge Lighting. To provide the best possible picture quality available on and LED/LCD TV, the KS8500 series incorporates Quantum Dots, HDR (with compatible content), Peak Illuminator, and Precision Black, which enhances both contrast and color performance.

The KS8500 series also provides needed connectivity, including 4 HDMI inputs that are compatible with all video format signals currently in use.

There are also 3 USB ports provided for access to digital media stored on USB flash drives, as well the ability to accommodate compatible keyboards, mouse, gamepad, or Samsung's USB Extend Dongle that allows the TV be used a controller for additional devices around the house (lamps, security cameras, and more...)

Ethernet and Wifi are built-in, which supports Samsung's latest (2016) ​SmartHub interface in providing the ability to access ​and organize all your content, whether physically connected, from your network, or streamed from the internet.

The Samsung KS8500 Series TVs come in three screen sizes: 49-inches, ($1,699), 55-inches ($1,999), and 65-inches ($2,999) - Buy from Amazon »

Sony XBR-75X940D 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR

Sony X930D/940D Series 4K Ultra HD TV
Sony X930D/940D Series 4K Ultra HD TV. Image provided by Sony Electronics

The Sony XBR-75X940D is one of Sony's high-end TV entries for 2016. The set has a large 75-inch screen, and is fully equipped with Triluminos Color enhancement technology, is HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 compliant, Ethernet/LAN and built-in Wifi for network/internet connection convenience featuring the Google's Android TV internet streaming platform, as well as Google Cast, and is also Miracast enabled (allows, direct streaming from compatible portable devices).

However, there are some additional features that really make this TV standout from the rest of the 4K TV crowd, including built-in access to PlayStation Now (game controller required) and even more significant, the incorporation of Extended Dynamic Range capability (Sony's application of HDR).

As a final note here, the Sony XBR-75X940D also provides both 2D and 3D viewing options. Check out our Hands On Report.  Buy from Amazon »

Vizio P-Series Home Theater Displays

Vizio P50-C1 4K Ultra HD TV with Dolby Vision and SmartCast
Vizio P50-C1 4K Ultra HD TV with Dolby Vision and SmartCast. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

4K Ultra HD TVs are definitely in the mainstream, and competition is tough. As a result, TV brands now have to come up with new twists to attract consumers.

Vizio's 2016 P-Series 4K Ultra HD "TV" line offers new twists that definitely deserve your attention.

The first twist is that all Vizio P-Series TVs are Tuner Free, which means that, according to FCC regulations, they can't be promoted as "TVs". To get around this issue, Vizio is marketing these sets as "Home Theater Displays". As a result of this strategy, in order to receive over-the-air, or cable/satellite channels, you have to connect an external tuner or set-top box via one of the P-Series displays' HDMI inputs.

The second twist that Vizio has incorporated into the P-Series is enhanced color processing (Ultra-Color Spectrum), which delivers a color gamut that is wider than current Rec709 HD color standards, in combination with High Dynamic Range display capability via Dolby Vision.

However, probably the most interesting twist being offered is the incorporation of the GoogleCast platform, which Vizio is referring to as SmartCast.

The core of SmartCast is a new App that can not only be downloaded to any compatible iOS or Android phone or tablet, but Vizio does one better - All the P-Series displays actually come packaged with a 6-inch Android Tablet with the SmartCast App built-in.

In addition to the above innovations, there are more exciting features, which are discussed in my full report: Vizio's Re-introduces P-Series Ultra HD TV Line With Advanced Features.

The Vizio P-Series comes in four screen sizes: 50, 55, 65, 75-inches.  More »

LG UH6500 Series 4K Ultra HD TVs

LG UH6500 Series 4K Ultra HD TV
LG UH6500 Series 4K Ultra HD TV. Image provided by LG Electronics

Some of those 4K Ultra HD TVs come in really large screen sizes, but not everyone has room for a 65-inch or larger TV, so LG is offering up their UH6500 Series sets which come in 43 (43UH6500) and 49-inch (49UH6500) screen sizes.

However, just because the screen sizes is smaller does mean that it is sacrificing a lot of features (However, 3D capability is not included).

All three sets incorporate LG's, 4K Ultra HD IPS LCD panels, which provide a wide viewing angle. Also, in addition to native 4K resolution display capability, the sets also feature built-in 4K upscaling for lower resolution sources (your 1080p Blu-ray discs will look great!). As an added bonus, the UH6500 Series TVs are HDR compatible (content dependent).

In addition to good picture quality, all three sets provide all the HDMI and analog AV inputs you need, as well as both ethernet and wifi connectivity for connection to your home network and the internet. LG's WebOS 3.0 operating system allows easy control of TV functions as well as content access and management of online streaming services, including 4K streaming from Netflix.

For audio, an updated Ultra Surround Sound audio system has been incorporated into the TV's frame for those that do not have an external audio system (although, with any TV these days, I always recommend an external sound bar or home theater receiver/speaker system for the best listening experience).  Buy from Amazon »

Vizio M-Series 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Displays

Vizio 2016 M-Series Home Theater Display Example
Vizio 2016 M-Series Home Theater Display Example. Image provided by Vizio

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Just like the Vizio P-Series, the M-Series sets are technically not classified as TVs, since they do not have built-in tuners. So, in order to receive over-the-air TV broadcasts, an external tuner set-top box is required - Read details.

However, even with no tuners, the M-Series offers quite a bit for the price. Screen sizes range from 50 to 80-inches. No matter which screen size you opt for, here is what you get:

  • 4K (3840x2160) Native Pixel Display resolution - plus built-in upscaling for non-4K sources.
  • Full Array LED Backlight which provides even black levels across the entire screen surface, with addition brightness/contrast control in precise zones. The 50-inch set provides 32-Active dimming zones, while the rest of the sets provide 64 active dimming zones.
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10 capability when compatible content is present - although peak brightness is not as high and ​color range is not as wide as in the P-Series sets.
  • 120Hz (50 and 55-inch sets) or 240Hz (60 to 80-inch sets) screen refresh rate for fast motion response.- 4 HDMI inputs on the 50/55-inch sets and 5 HDMI inputs on the rest.
  • Built-in HEVC H.265 decoders for 4K internet streaming - including Netflix (Amazon Instant Video and UltraFlix3 4k Streaming coming soon).
  • HDCP 2.2 copy-protection.
  • Both standard and Tablet Remote controls provided. The Tablet Remote incorporates Vizio's SmartCast platform with includes GoogleCast functionality (same a P-Series outlined earlier in this article).
  • For audio, each set incorporates a two-channel 10-watt audio system with DTS Studio Sound and TruVolume (TruVolume stabilize volume peaks so you don't have to keep raising and lowering the volume to hear voices or dimish loud effects). However, for the best audio listening experience, I suggest using the provided analog and digital optical audio outputs for connection to an external audio system.

NOTE: The M-Series Sets are not 3D-Compatible.

The 2016 Vizio M-Series comes in 6 screen sizes: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, and 80-inches - More »

Samsung UNKU6300 Series UHD TVs

Samsung UN-KU6300 Series 4K UHD TV
Samsung UN-KU6300 Series 4K UHD TV. Image provided by Amazon

If you are looking for an inexpensive 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TV that still provides practical features, then check out the Samsung KU6300 series.

With flat screen sizes ranging from 40 to 70-inches, and in the same price range as some equivalent sized 1080p TVs, all the sets in KU6300series provide the same feature complement.

To start, all the sets have a very slim bezel cabinet design and easy-to-attach stand, that makes them both thin and light.

In terms of picture quality, not only is color and contrast very good but the black levels, although not as deep as you would find on a high-end set, are deeper and more even across the screen surface that you might expect. In addition, Samsung's "UHD Dimming" make bright objects stand out against dark backgrounds with minimal white leakage around the edges.

Additional picture enhancement features include 4K upscaling for lower resolution content, as well as HDR display capability with compatible content.

Of course, just as with all Samsung UHD TVs, these are also Smart, providing access to a selection of internet streaming services, as well as access to content stored on PCs and smartphones. You can even play online games!

The Samsung KU6300 series TVs some in 7 screen sizes: 40 (UN40KU6300), 43 (UN43KU6300), 50 (UN50KU6300), 55 (UN55KU6300), 60 (UN60KU6300), 65 (UN65KU6300), and 70-inches (UN70KU6300) - Buy from Amazon »

Insignia 4K Ultra HD Roku TVs

Insignia 4K Roku TV Example - NS-43DR710NA17
Insignia 4K Roku TV Example - NS-43DR710NA17. Image provided by Roku

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If you are looking for an affordable 4K TV, consider Best Buy's Insignia-branded 4K TVs with the Roku operating system built-in.

Offered in 43, 50, and 55-inch screen sizes, and starting a less than $400, these sets offer quite a bit.

First off, with the Roku operating system, you don't need to connect any external stick or box to get access to up to 3,000 internet streaming channels (actual number depends on location) - and that includes the ability to stream any content that is available in 4K (depends your internet speed).

Many channels are free, (such as YouTube), but there are also many that require monthly subscriptions, (including Netflix, Hulu) or pay-per-view fees (Vudu). Instead of scrolling through all the channels to find what you want to watch, Roku also provides a search function, as well as its Roku Feed, which can remind you when a specific show or event is coming, and if there is a fee to watch it.

A second great feature of the sets is the incorporation of Miracast is built-in which allows wireless sharing of videos, photos, and music from compatible smartphones.

Third, this TV series also has the ability to access content stored on your PC or Laptop if both are connected to your internet router.

Finally, if you want real control convenience, there is also a compatible remote control app available for iOS and Android devices. More »

Samsung UN55JS8500 55-inch SUHD TV

Samsung UN55JS8500 LED/LCD 4K SUHD TV - Photo - Front View
Samsung UN55JS8500 LED/LCD 4K SUHD TV - Photo - Front View. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to

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The Samsung UN55JS8500 has just about everything you could want in a TV. It features as flat screen with 4K native screen display resolution, Clear Motion Rate 240 which combines a 120Hz screen refresh rate, image processing, and LED edge lighting to produce detailed smooth motion images.

However, that isn't the whole story. The UN55JS8500 is also incorporates Nanocrystal (Quantum Dots) for better color, and HDR for enhanced brightness/contrast performance, and is also a fully functional 3D and Smart TV. Smart features include a full web browser, supported by Quad Core Processing (just like a PC) and built-in WiFi, that provides you with access with an abundance internet and home network-based content via Samsung's Smart Hub and Apps features. This TV is definitely worth consideration. Buy from Amazon »

The Hisense 65H10B2 Curved Screen 4K ULED TV

Hisense 65H10B2 Curved Screen 4K ULED TV
Hisense 65H10B2 Curved Screen 4K ULED TV. Image provided by Hisense USA

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In addition to its 65-inch curved screen and native 4K display resolution, the Hisense 65H10B2 also offers some real cutting features, including Full Array Backlighting, Quantum Dots, and 120Hz screen refresh rate for fast motion response. In addition, the 65H10B2 incorporates HDR technology, which delivers enhanced brightness and contrast with compatible content. To top it all off in the video department, the H10B2 is also 3D-enabled (glasses optional).

The 65H10B2 provides 4 HDMI, 1 USB 3.0 and 2 USB 2.0 ports for access to content stored on compatible flash drives and devices. The USB ports can also be used for installing firmware updates if that option is needed.

The 65H10B2 provides Ethernet/LAN and WiFi options that provide access to content stored on DLNA compatible devices, as well as from select Internet Streaming services. Buy from Amazon »

The Vizio R-Series 4K Ultra HD TVs

Vizio Reference Series RS65 4K Ultra HD TV with Sound System. Image provided by Vizio

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Vizio is well-known for its inexpensive 1080p and 4K Ultra HD TV product lines, but in 2015 they announced a strategic move into the high-end TV market with its RS65-B2 and RS120-B3 Ulltra HD TVs.

What makes these sets different is that they sport the latest image display technology including Full Array LED Backlighting, with 384 Active Local Dimming LED Zones, which means more precise control of object brightness, as well as consistent black and white levels across the entire screen surface, as well as Ultra-Color Spectrum color processing, which delivers a wider color gamut.

Also, both sets feature compatibility with Dolby Vision's High Dynamic Range format.

The RS65-B2 is a 65-inch model that also incorporates Quantum Dot technology to further enhance color performance, as well as incorporation a full onboard, 5.1 channel audio system with external surround speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

The RS120-B3 is a 120-inch monster that has the distinction (as of 2015) of being the largest LED/LCD TV ever sold to consumers. but it doesn't have an aboard audio system (if you can afford this TV, you can afford an audio system to go with.

As of September 2016, the price for the RS65 (65-inches) is $5,999.99 (Official Product Page), and the RS120 (120 inches) has a suggested price of $129,999.99 (Official Product Page), but be sure to check the official product pages. Both are available by direct order from Vizio or select dealers and installers. More »

More TV Product Picks

Samsung UN32J6300 32-inch LED/LCD TV
Samsung UN32J6300 32-inch LED/LCD TV. Image provided by Samsung

If you aren't ready to make the jump into 4K UltraHD TV, 1080p LED/LCD TVs will be here for many years to come. Check out my current selections:

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