The 12 Best 4K Ultra HD TVs to Buy in 2019

Ready to jump into 4K Ultra HD TV? Here are some great choices

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The Rundown

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Best Overall: LG OLED65G7P Signature Series 4K Ultra HD TVs

LG OLED G7P Signature Series 4K Ultra HD TV
LG OLED G7P Signature Series 4K Ultra HD TV. Image provided by Amazon

If you are longing for the best of the best in a TV  (and the price is no object), then the LG G7P Signature Series TVs may be your ticket. The G7P Series combines 4K Ultra HD display resolution, OLED display tech, and a built-in soundbar system.

The 4k resolution provides the detail, OLED provides excellent color and the deepest black levels possible - OLED is the only TV tech so far that can display absolute black.

The LG G7 series incorporates comprehensive HDR (High Dynamic Range) Technology including Dolby Vision, HDR10, and Hybrid Log Gamma, that, with properly-encoded Ultra HD Blu-ray, Streaming, and future 4K TV broadcasts provide viewers with enhanced brightness, wide contrast images. LG also provides HDR-like enhancement for non-HDR encoded content.

A sound bar is also included on the bottom of the TV. The meat of the "sound bar" is a 4.2 channel speaker system - two speakers send sound directly to the listening position, two woofers for low frequencies, and two speakers on each end to provide the Dolby Atmos height effect.

However, unlike a true Dolby Atmos sound system, the G7 kind of cheats. Instead of actually bouncing sound off the ceiling, sound processing algorithms create a "virtual" height sound field that provides a more immersive sound experience than a traditional soundbar-type system. The method is effective given the physical restraints - definitely better than any other "built-in" TV sound system available.

Beyond core video/audio, the G7 also provides features LG's WebOS 3.5 operating system, combining a colorful, easy-to-use interface, with easy navigation.

Ethernet port and WiFi for network/internet content access are provided, as well as built-in HEVC (H.265) and VP9 decoding, which allows access to 4K Netflix and 4K Vudu Streaming. A full Web Browser is also included, and the set can also access content stored on other compatible devices (such as a PC) on your home network.

The inclusion of Miracast allows content sharing between compatible smartphones and the TV.

The LG G7 Series OLED TVs come in the 65 and 77-inch screen sizes.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: LG OLED55C7P Series Ultra HD OLED TVs

LG C7 Series 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Example
LG C7 Series 4K Ultra HD OLED TV Example. Image provided by LG Electronics

If you can't afford the G7 listed above, and you still want to make the jump to OLED TV, then consider the LG OLEDC7P series. Combining super-thin styling and 4K Ultra HD display resolution capability with OLED display technology - the C7P series displays deep black levels without noticing a distracting exterior frame (if you are upgrading from a Plasma TV - you will be happy).

Another bonus is compatibility for 3 HDR technologies (Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG) which provides bright, and wide contrast images that push the limits of OLED TV color brightness.

However, one thing that LG has eliminated in its 2017 OLED TV models is 3D. This may not matter for most, but LG's previous OLED TVs provided an excellent 3D TV viewing experience that will be missed by fans.

The OLEDC7P Series series provides extensive Smart TV features via LG's WebOS 3.5 operating system, which combines a colorful, easy-to-use interface, with easy navigation.

The sets include Ethernet and WiFi for network/internet connectivity, as well as built-in decoding for access to 4K Netflix and 4K Vudu Streaming. A full Web Browser is included, and the set can also access content stored on other compatible devices (such as a PC) on your home network.

Miracast wireless screen mirroring allows content sharing between compatible smartphones and the TV.

Standard AV connections are provided, such as an RF input, 4 HDMI inputs, 1 Shared Component/Composite video input, 3 USB ports, and a digital optical output for connection to an external audio system.

The LG OLED C7 Series is offered in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes.

Best Budget: Insignia Fire TV Edition

The Insignia Fire TV is the least expensive item on our list and an excellent budget option for those who don’t want to break the bank to get great picture quality. This TV produces beautiful, vivid colors and boasts eight million pixels across the screen for crisp visual detail. Similar to our other picks, this smart TV supports HDR, meaning its visual quality is on par with that of its high-end competitors, producing true-to-life colors on a 43-, 50-, or 55-inch screen.

The Insignia Fire offers access to thousands of channels, apps, and subscription services including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime Video, and more, all alongside your live TV experience. The hardware runs on a quad-core CPU/multi-core GPU processor, promising high-speed search results and a reliable connection for streaming. Additionally, the Insignia Fire comes equipped with Amazon Alexa, allowing you to browse movie titles, play music, and control other smart-home devices without having to lift a finger. On the back of the device, you’ll find three HDMI ports, an antenna input, and an Ethernet port, allowing you to connect your gaming console, sound bar, cable box, etc.

Best for Streaming: TCL S405 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TVs

TCL S405 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV Example
TCL S405 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart TV Example. Image provided by Amazon

TCL has a line of the 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TVs that offer a little something extra that is great for cord-cutters or those that get most of their TV program via the internet: The Roku operating system is built-in (no extra plug-in box or stick required). One example is TCL's S405 Series.

The Roku system offers access to over 4,500 internet streaming channel offerings, including the usual selections, such as Netflix, but also includes additional services, such as SlingTV. Via Ethernet or WiFi, users can access an abundance of online TV, movie, and music streaming content without connection to an external media streaming box, plug-in media streaming Stick, antenna, cable, or satellite service (although connections are provided for those content access options as well).

However, keep in mind that even though the TV will allow you access to a lot of channels - not all of the channels are free, some may require a pay-per-view fee or a prepaid monthly subscription.

Additional connectivity includes HDMI and other inputs and you need to connect your Blu-ray Disc, DVD player, or other video source device, a well as audio output options for connecting to your home theater audio system.

A USB port is also included for access to digital media content on flash drives or other compatible devices.

For added convenience, you can share audio, video, or still image content on your smartphone and see/hear it on the big TV screen.

In addition to Roku and other features, the S405 also delivers good image quality with Direct LED backlighting, HDR, and 120HZ screen refresh rate.

TCL's S405 Series Roku TVs come in several sizes (43, 49, 55, and 65-inches.

Best Smart Features: Sony XBR55A9F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Master Series TV

When it comes to purchasing a premium 4K TV, there's more to these devices than just picture quality. The Sony XBR55A9F 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV not only has stunning picture and sound, but also a wealth of smart features that will satisfy any techie you know. These features include built-in Google Chromecast, Google Assistant on the TV to help you find things, voice controls with Amazon’s Alexa, Sony SideView connectivity so you can control the TV from your iPhone or Android smartphone, and screen mirroring with Miracast-compatible devices. On the back of the unit, you’ll find four HDMI inputs, three USB ports, and one composite video port, so you can connect all your smart devices. If those features aren’t enough, you’ll also love that the XBR55A9F has fantastic sound with Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, which pushes sound out from the direct center of the screen. While this TV is certainly a splurge, the price tag will be worth it to those who want to future-proof their TVs with all the best features.

Best QLED: Samsung QN55Q6F 55-inch QLED 4K TV

With picture quality that is unrivaled at this price point, the Samsung QN55Q6F 55-inch QLD 4K UHD 6 series Smart TV is a must-own. The real highlight is the QLED technology, which introduces over a billion shades of “Q” color, heightening color and contrast for a result that’s downright stellar with deeper blacks and colors that pop. Q HDR adds an almost theater-like experience that does even more to enhance the colors onscreen.

Beyond its advanced display, the rest of this TV is just as well-designed. The cables have been run through the stand for a cleaner look, resolving the problem of unsightly hanging wires. Q Smart also introduces a nearly-seamless navigation interface for discovering new shows or existing programming. With a large number of included options like Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video, Samsung’s OneRemote makes program discovery easy. You can also use voice control with Bixby Voice to help flip channels or search for new programs. 

Best Flat Screen: Sony XBR-X900E Series

Sony XBR-X900E Series 4K Ultra HD TV
Sony XBR-X900E Series 4K Ultra HD TV. Image courtesy of Amazon

The XBR-900E series is one of Sony's high-end TV series for 2017. Sets are being offered in the 49,55,65, and 75-inch screen sizes, and are fully equipped with advanced features and connectivity.

The 900E series starts with a slim profile aluminum frame which holds Sony's Full-Array LED Backlit 4K LCD panel. For added image quality support this series starts with Triluminos Color enhancement technology and adds enhancements, such as HDR (compliant with HDR10 standards, Dolby Vision compatibility forthcoming via future firmware update).

The Sony 900E series sets can output more light that their "D" series models, and up to 5x times more light output than most non-HDR LCD TVs (up to 1,000 Nits). These sets definitely deliver bright images while maintaining good color saturation - even when viewing non-HDR content. In addition, the black levels are also excellent, and although not as deep as an OLED TV, they are so good, you might want to save your money and consider the 900E.

Physical connectivity includes 4 HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 compliant inputs, a set of shared analog/component video inputs, and a USB port for access to content stored on Flash Drive.

Speaking of connectivity, Sony reduces cable clutter by allowing out route your connection cables right through the TVs leg/stands.

The XBR-900E is also ready for both internet and local network streaming, offering both a physical Ethernet/LAN connector and built-in Wifi.

Just as with most Sony Smart TVs offered in the past couple of years, Google's Android internet streaming platform, as well as Google Cast and PlayStation Vue included, which provides access to hundreds of streaming channels.

For added flexibility, the 900E series also incorporates TV SideView, Miracast and Bluetooth, which allows control, content sharing, and direct streaming from compatible portable devices.

Best Curved Screen: Samsung Q7C Series QLED Ultra HD TVs

Samsung Q7C Series Curved Screen QLED Ultra HD TV
Samsung Q7C Series Curved Screen QLED Ultra HD TV. Image provided by Amazon

Curved Screen TVs were getting a lot of hype a few years ago, but consumers haven't warmed to them as much as was anticipated. However, there is still some demand, and Samsung is happy to oblige, at a high price. One example is their Q7C series.

The sets in this series provide the same feature set as the above listed Q7C flat screen set, including Quantum Dot-supported color display, and HDR10/HDR10+/HDR+ capability with high light output.

The Samsung Q7C Series also provides 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports housed in an external "one connect" box that attached to the TV via Samsung's "invisible cable".

Ethernet and Wifi are built-in, which supports Samsung's latest (2017) SmartHub interface in providing the ability to access and organize all your content, whether physically connected, from your network, or streamed from the internet. You can even share content wirelessly from your Smartphone.

The Q7C series also includes control via Voice Interaction, as well as the ability to send audio to compatible Bluetooth-equipped sound bars and headsets.

However, just as with Samsung's other QLED series TVs, a stand or wall mount is not provided, so add that cost your budget.

The Samsung Q7C Series Series TVs come in the 55 and 65-inch screen sizes.

Keep in mind that curved screen TVs in the two available screen sizes are best for 1-to-3 person viewing, as sitting within the curve provides the best viewing experience. If you have a large family, it is best to opt for a flat screen TV.

Most Innovative Design and Sound System: Sony XBRA1E Series OLED TVs

Sony XBRA1E Series OLED TV
Sony XBRA1E Series OLED TV. Image provided by Amazon

While LG G7 Series takes the best overall 4K Ultra HD TV crown, the Sony XBRA1E Series OLED TVs are closing in.

To start, this series features a very stylish lean-back stand that allows easy placement.

In terms of picture quality, the XBRA1E is stellar, with OLED tech that provides the blackest blacks, surprisingly bright whites with HDR content, and brilliant color. However, when running at peak brightness, there can be some detail loss within the bright whites. This set also incorporates Sony's Android TV operating system for access to abundant internet streaming content.

However, what really makes this TV innovative is the use of its screen to not only produce great-looking images but to also produce sound. Yes, that 's right, the screen is also the "speaker".

The way it works is that Sony has incorporated slim exciters (two behind the left side of the screen and two on the right) that actually vibrate the screen to produce sound. However, even though the screen vibrates, you cannot see the vibrations - you have to actually touch the screen to feel them. The amazing thing is that the vibrating screen does not affect the quality of the image in any way. Sony refers to this type of sound system as an "acoustic surface".

However, to supplement the behind-the-screen exciters, there is a compact subwoofer speaker integrated into the stand of the TV to produce the lower frequencies, as those vibrations would put more stress on the screen.

The Sony XBRA1E Series OLED TVs come the 55, 65, and 77-inch screen sizes, and, yes, they are expensive, but if you looking for something that looks and sounds great, and have the extra cash to dip in, definitely check these sets out.

Take a peek at some of the other best 65-inch 4K TVs you can buy.

Widest Viewing Angle: LG SJ8500 Series 4K Super UHD TVs

LG SJ8500 Series 4K Super UHD TV
LG SJ8500 Series 4K Super UHD TV. Image courtesy of Amazon

One problem with LED/LCD TVs is their relatively narrow effective viewing angles. To counter that problem LG has incorporates what is referred to an IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD panel into many of its TVs. This tech is specifically designed to provide viewers with wider viewing angles with less loss of color and contrast. This is great for family and group viewing. LG carries this tradition into its 2017 SJ8500 series Super UHD TVs.

To further bolster picture quality, the SJ8500 also includes Nano Cell technology that results in deeper black levels and improves color accuracy in a similar manner as Quantum Dots.

Of course, these are Super UHD TVs, and that means 4K native resolution and 4K upscaling for lower resolution sources. As an added bonus, the SJ8500 Series TVs are HDR compatible (HDR10, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log Gamma - content dependent).

In addition, to picture quality, the SJ8500 series provides the HDMI and analog AV inputs you need, as well as both ethernet and Wifi for connection to a home network and the internet. LG's WebOS 3.5 operating system allows easy control of TV functions as well as content access and management of online streaming services, including 4K streaming from Netflix.

For audio, a 2.2 channel sound system, developed in partnership with Harman Kardon, is housed in the TV's frame (although an external sound system is always a better option).

The LG SJ8500 Series is available in 55 and 65-inch screen sizes.

Best Lifestyle TV: The Samsung Frame

Samsung Frame TV - TV Viewing Mode
Samsung Frame TV - TV Viewing Mode. Image provided by Samsung

Wall mounting a TV is definitely a popular option, but one of the main problems is that even though it looks great when you have it on when you turn it off, it just becomes a big, black, rectangle. However, Samsung has a solution, the Frame TV.

What makes the Frame TV different is that in addition to its traditional TV features (LED lighting, 4K resolution, HDR, and built-in smart features via Ethernet or WiFi, it provides two added bonuses.

The first bonus is that its frame is customizable so that it blends in with any decor. You can frame the TV screen with wood, metal, or traditional black or white plastic. In addition, no matter which frame option you select the TV is so thin it can be mounted flush with the wall. To accommodate additional components, a thin white optical cable (which can also be painted to match your wall color), attaches the TV to an external connection hub that can be hidden out of sight.

The second bonus is that in addition to the decor-friendly design, Samsung also includes access to an online art gallery that turns your TV into a display for great art when you aren't watching TV. You can also display your own photos as well.

With the Samsung Frame TV, you can say goodbye to that big black rectangle hanging on your wall.

Bonus Pick: Best TV For Outdoor Use: SunBriteTV SB-S-43-4K

SunBriteTV SB-S-43-4K 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TV
SunBriteTV SB-S-43-4K 4K Ultra HD Outdoor TV. Imaage provided by Amazon

The SunBrite SB-S-43-4K is a specially designed LED/LCD TV that is optimized for outdoor use in either covered patios and gazebos or in partial sunlight (do not place the TV where the screen is facing direct sunlight). This set is 3 times brighter than many TVs (up to 700 nits) and incorporates direct LED backlighting supported by a fortified anti-glare screen. Settings are provided to compensate for both daytime and night time brightness situations.

The SB-S-43-4K is also designed to resist rain, dust, insects, and salt air, and is able to handle temperatures from minus 24 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This set also includes cable management options for extra safety in varied weather conditions.

The SB-S-43-4K features a 43-inch screen with native 4K display resolution (at 30Hz), supported by a 60hz refresh rate, and 3,000:1 contrast ratio. Inputs include 2 HDMI (both HDMI inputs are also MHL compatible), 1 composite, 2 component, a PC monitor input, and even the now-rare S-Video input. In addition, a built-in ATSC/QAM is provided for reception of over-the-air digital and HD broadcasts signals, as well as unscrambled HD cable signals.

It is important to note that the SB-S-43-4K does not come with speakers - SunBrite offers an optional weatherproof sound bar (keep that additional cost in mind). Also, both standard digital optical and analog stereo audio outputs are provided for connection to other external audio systems, if desired.

In addition to an included weatherproof remote control, the SB-S-43-4K also includes both RS232 and HDBaseT custom control options.

The SB-S-43-4K does not feature built-in Smart TV/Streaming or 3D, and although it does have high brightness capability, does not include HDR compatibility.

Do not place the TV within 5 feet of a swimming pool or spa.