The 10 Best 4K TVs for Under $1,000 in 2019

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Best Overall: TCL 65R617 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV

If you’re looking for the absolute best 4K television under $1,000, look to the TCL 65R617 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV. Support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision ensure that picture quality is top notch with accurate, lifelike colors. TCL’s Photon technology adds to the gorgeous display by including a vast color gamut. 

The picture looks so good it might be hard to look past the screen quality. But there’s plenty more to rave about with the TCL. The Roku OS which powers this television is a user-friendly platform with access to over 500,000 movies and shows. The interface is a snap to navigate and voice search makes it easy to find and discover new programming. 

Gamers will even find something to love. An input lag of just 15ms in Game Mode is one of the fastest times in the category. Both gamers and video streamers will be impressed by the two 8-watt speakers, which deliver plenty of volume and a decent amount of bass. 

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Best Budget: TCL 43S517 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV

For those who value affordability over all else, the TCL 43S517 43-inch 4K Ultra HD TV is worth checking out. In fact, this TV punches far above its price tag. The sleek design minimizes the bezels to almost nothing. The stand is equally minimal, keeping the entire focus on the screen. Packed with TCL’s standard fare of HDR10 and Dolby Vision, the colors are terrific. A refresh rate of 60Hz reminds you it’s a budget model, but fast-moving subjects still look pretty good.

A shortage of connection ports is an all-too-familiar issue with many budget TVs. But that’s not the case with the TCL. On the rear, you’ll find three HDMI ports, a single USB port, RF connector, Ethernet and a headphone jack. There’s also built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi so you can skip the ethernet cord.

That connectivity is going to come in handy once you dive into the Roku menu system. This is a smart television through and through, packed Roku’s broad selection of streaming services and apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Showtime.

Runner-Up, Best Budget: Insignia 55-Inch Fire TV Edition

The Insignia Fire TV wants to usher in a new era of smart televisions. Similar to its competitors, the Insignia Fire plays live TV and also includes access to all of your favorite streaming subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more. It also boasts remarkable picture quality, delivering striking images in 4K ultra-HD resolution with eight million pixels.

All televisions that boast a UHD label should deliver stunning visuals. But this Fire TV is the first Insignia-brand TV to also support HDR (high dynamic range), which generates even more vivid colors and deeper contrast than your average monitor. Additionally, the Insignia Fire comes with Amazon’s Alexa, essentially transforming your TV into a smart-home hub.

The Fire TV is available in a 43-, 50-, or 55-inch screen, and includes three HDMI inputs on the back of the unit for connecting all your third-party cable boxes or home theater systems. 

Best Value: Vizio P55-F1 55-Inch 4K UHD TV

Vizio P55-F1 55-inch 4K UHD TV

 Courtesy of Best Buy

This 55-inch P55-F1 4K UHD TV from Vizio is a fantastic value for the money. For the price, you’re getting a great screen that includes Dolby Vision HDR for super color and contrast. Vizio adds its own high-performing features for more accurate colors and deeper blacks. All of this technology comes together on a near edge-to-edge display with bezels that are barely there. The result is a more immersive experience that keeps your eyes on the screen. 

This Vizio TV also has its own well-designed smart TV interface. There’s support for all of the most popular streaming services and apps, many of which stream 4K shows and movies. Vizio’s WatchFree service adds even more value. With over 100 internet streaming channels, you’ll have immediate access to news, sports, music and more without any fees.

With built-in Google Cast, Android or Google Chrome, users can also mirror their mobile devices on the big screen for yet another layer of versatility.

Best 4K: TCL 50S425 50" 4K Smart LED Roku TV

If you’re on the hunt for a 4K smart television but don't want to spend a ton of cash, the TCL 50S425 offers a lot of the latest tech for a great price. Beyond the dazzling 4K resolution, added HDR and HDR10 help the screen pop with vibrant, true-to-life colors and image quality that rivals much more expensive TVs. The TCL is also a solid gaming screen with low input lag that keeps up with fast graphics. With three HDMI inputs on the rear along with a single USB port, it’s easy to connect third-party devices like consoles or additional streaming devices.

While the price may be the main attraction, the inclusion of the Roku interface is what seals the deal. Get on-screen access to all of your favorite streaming apps — that's more than 500,000 TV shows and movies at your fingertips. Search for new content using the included remote or the downloadable app, which lets you use your phone or tablet to control the TV. It also has voice control features, so you can skip navigating menus altogether and just ask it to play your show of choice.

Best Smart TV: Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony’s legendary televisions need little introduction. Models like the XBR49X900F 49 inch Ultra HD TV combine top-of-the-line picture quality with excellent smart TV functionality. Running Google’s Android TV platform, Sony stands out from the pack. With Chromecast built right into the hardware, it’s easy to beam content from your phone, tablet, or computer directly to the television. There are also tons of programs and apps available including Netflix and YouTube, as well as direct access to 4K movies and TV shows through Google Play. Sony has also added Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa capabilities for complete voice control.

A smart TV is only as good as the picture it puts out, and fortunately, that’s one of Sony’s strong suits. 4K programming looks amazing on the 49-inch display, and there’s terrific motion handling for sports and fast-moving action with a 120Hz refresh rate. The included HDR10 and Dolby Vision make for vivid, beautiful colors. Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range also works to make dark scenes even darker and bright scenes brighter for more accurate color representation. 

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Best Screen: Samsung QN49Q6F Flat 49-Inch QLED 4K TV

The Samsung QN49Q6F 49-inch QLED 4K UHD 6 series Smart TV represents a combination of excellent hardware and beautiful screen technology. Packed inside the 49-inch hardware is some of the most advanced technology Samsung has ever produced. QLED and Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Dot technology deliver some of the most vibrant and eye-popping colors in this size television. Blacks look as sharp as ever with Q contrast and high dynamic range (Q HDR) provides movie-theater-like color.

All of this display technology supports the Q Smart interface, which provides two different ways to discover programming. The use of Samsung's OneRemote makes navigation simple and easy without adding unnecessary buttons. The Bixby Voice assistant also allows you to verbally find content and flip between channels. Connect to Samsung’s SmartThings App to find another method of controlling the television and other connected Samsung devices.

Best Connectivity: Vizio M65-F0 65-Inch M-Series 4K Ultra HD TV

Vizio M65-F0 65-Inch M-Series 4K Ultra HD TV

 Courtesy of Walmart

There’s no question about it: the Vizio M65-F0 65 inch 4K Ultra HD TV is a fantastic television. There is a strong case to call it one of the best 65-inch TVs around. Vizio’s widely regarded picture boasts both HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range. There’s a wide color gamut to ensure accurate, lifelike colors including deeper blacks. 

A truly standout TV has plenty of extras, and the Vizio does not disappoint. This model includes Chromecast Ultra as a built-in option, which allows Android, iOS, PC and Apple computers and mobile devices to stream or mirror directly to the television. Want to show off a home video on the big screen? That’s easy to do with Chromecast. Plus, it supports 4K streaming. 

There’s plenty of room for additional connectivity as well. The rear of the TV adds four HDMI inputs all of which are UHD and HDR ready. That ensures that any 4K HDR-enabled Blu-ray play or game console will broadcast at the highest definition. 

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Best for Large Rooms: Vizio E70-F3 E-Series 4K UHD TV

Vizio E70-F3 E-Series 4K UHD TV

Courtesy of Best Buy 

Finding the right balance between size and quality, Vizio’s E-Series E70-F3 4K UHD TV is a great choice for larger rooms. What’s Vizio’s secret to a good picture? It starts with full-array local dimming (FALD) which gives you a strong contrast ratio (most noticeable when you’re watching it in a dark room). The viewing angles are good, too, which is critical when you’re considering placement in a large room with multiple seating options. Dolby Vision HDR is a 4K TV staple and only adds to the Vizio’s excellent colors and brightness levels. As an additional bonus, this TV has built-in Chromecast, which means you can stream what’s on your computer or mobile device directly to the TV.

Vizio’s all-black design doesn’t offer the same flare as more modern looking televisions, but at this size, you’re unlikely to focus on a few extra millimeters of bezel. It doesn’t take away from the TV’s overall value. Vizio also offers a downloadable application that doubles as a touch-screen remote.

Best for Gaming: Samsung UN55NU8000FXZA 55-Inch 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect gaming TV, look to the Samsung UN55NU800 55-inch 4K Smart TV. As gaming only becomes more popular, television manufacturers have taken notice, and some have added new features to their devices to cater to that audience. The NU800 has a dedicated “gaming mode” that ensures low input lag and an ultra-fast refresh rate, making it perfect for this purpose.

Beyond gaming, Samsung has included all kinds of great tech features to enhance your regular TV and movie-watching, too. Formats like HDR10 and HDR10+ are all built right in making sure that colors are lifelike and accurate. It also has upscaling capabilities, which improves the look of non-4K content and optimizes it for the screen. Dolby Vision, on the other hand, is curiously missing from this model.

The NU800 is powered by Samsung’s operating system, Tizen OS. Intuitive to operate and compatible with Bixby voice search, it’s a seamless system to use. There’s plenty to like with options like Netflix and Hulu built in along with the ability to mirror from newer models of Samsung smartphones and tablets.

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Keep a look out for 8K resolution TVs, which may come out in the future sooner than you think.

What to Look for in a 4K TV Under $1,000

Image quality - It’s not difficult to guess that the most crucial aspect of a television is its picture quality, but it can be a bit challenging to purchase a TV and judge its image quality based on a website’s description. Look for technologies such as LED backlighting and HDR (high dynamic range), but check out the TV in a local shop first, if possible, before purchasing online.

Smart connectivity - Do you love watching online content such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu? Many televisions come with online video service apps built-in. If you don’t have an external media box such as an Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku, you might want to keep an eye out for this feature.

Size - The bigger the television, the better—right? In many cases, you might want to grab the largest TV you can afford, but remember that it needs to fit in the space you are using it. Too large a television could also prove to be an uncomfortable viewing experience.