The 9 Best 4K TVs to Buy in 2017 for Under $1,000

Take watching TV to a whole new level

When the 4K TV first went on sale in 2012, there were just two models on the market that exceeded 84 inches in size and were both over $20,000 in price. The introduction of four times the standard HD TV pixel count (3840 x 2160 vs 1920 x 1080) helped produce a picture that was clearer and more beautiful than anything else available on the consumer market. Fast forward to 2017 and now every major television manufacturer produces 4K TV in all shapes, sizes and price tags. The good news is that you no longer have to break the bank to get a high quality TV. Here are our choices for the best 4K TVs under $1,000.

Arguably one of the best screens on the market, LG’s 60UH6150 55-in 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is a gorgeous television with a jaw-dropping picture. Featuring 8.3 million pixels for 4K quality, the IPS panel pairs with a True Black Panel to help achieve some of the deepest blacks on the market today. Additionally, the 2.13-inch thick LG includes a 4K upscaler that helps to upgrade all video content to near 4K quality, which is not an uncommon addition, but LG’s production quality is a step above the rest. Sound quality suffers from underperforming speakers, but if you’re purchasing a television like the LG, hooking it up to external speakers is a must.

You will see sports, video games and high-speed action without the “devils in the details” motion blur since the TV features TruMotion 120Hz technology. The TV is 39.9 pounds and the included Vesa mount is ideal for hanging in any room in the house (there's also an included plastic stand if you rather go that route). One final nicety is the use of WebOS 3.0 as LG’s “smart platform” for its television line, which offers pre-installed options such as Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube.

While its 49-inch size won’t please most large screen 4K lovers, the Sony XBR49X800D offers a great picture for its class that makes the price tag worth every penny. The Sony offers a premium spec and feature set, including High Dynamic Range that combines with 4K Ultra HD resolution for remarkable detail, color and contrast. The result is a lifelike experience that’s finely detailed and immerses you right into the frame. Despite its native refresh rate of only 60Hz, the Sony handles motion blur with a 13-millisecond response time and even has 24p content playback for movies and other video sources.

Design wise, this Sony continues its years of excellent-looking hardware and an ultra-thin bezel that’s perfect on a wall or standing on an entertainment center. Add in Android TV and Google search and you’ll find content across different services almost hassle-free. Additionally, Google Cast is included to help stream content directly from your smartphone or tablet right onto the television. Taking things even further is the smart home automation feature that allows the Sony TV to control lights, thermostats and security cameras through the separately purchased Logitech Harmony Hub.

With a robust feature set and balanced picture quality, contrast and black performance, Samsung’s UN50KU6300 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is a great overall value. Samsung doesn’t spare any expense in their “lower” level televisions, thanks to high-quality display panels that help show and upscale SD and HD content to 4K all while offering a beautiful native 4K experience. The “Tizen” operating system that’s powering the television offers simplified menu options and controls leading to a more efficient design and happier customer experience. Beyond the software, Samsung’s typical design aesthetic is here with an ultra-slim TV that’s practical for any room in the house.

The included “smart remote” offers a paired down set of functions (gone are the full keypad, play, pause, fast-forward), instead opting for a cutting-edge touchpad to navigate the television. Samsung’s “Smart View” also allows streaming content directly from a mobile device to the television, which offers a very similar experience to Google’s own Cast app. As for the picture itself, the High Dynamic Range picture and PurColor technology offer a highly accurate expression of color and detail that make for an unbelievable viewing experience.

While TCL is still on its way to becoming a household name in the television world, the inclusion of Roku’s streaming platform right out of the box is a very good place to start. The 50-inch TCL 50UP130 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV won’t blow you out of your seat with image quality, but it still offers a good viewing experience for the price tag. Featuring TCL’s Creative Pro 4k UHD upscaling that allows any HD content to appear as near-4K quality, the 28-pound TCL also offers access to the complete Roku experience (there are more than 300,000 movies and TV episodes available through a personalized home screen).

The 3,000-streaming channel experience connects via WiFi alongside cable TV, gaming consoles and other devices. You can forget challenging and overpowering menus, the Roku integration puts all your favorites right at your fingertips. You can also use the Roku smartphone app for browsing and discovering new content on your device, as well as Roku’s P130 series simplified remote control with headphones for private listening.

The LeEco L55UCNN 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is supported by some of the best-sounding Harmon Kardon speakers available in a sub-$1000 4K television. With fluid motion control at 120Hz, motion blur is barely noticeable even during high-action sequences and full-motion sports broadcasts. The internal multi-core GPU and processor help push the LeEco to over 60fps for richness and clarity in gaming that’s a step above the competition.

At 44.5 pounds, the ultra-slim and premium design are paired with 32GB of flash storage for your favorite content and Android apps. Essentially, loading games faster with enough room for songs, movies or your own content is easy with the LeEco model. The focus on smart options continues with a simplified user interface or LeEco’s signature ecosystem user interface (eui) that offers a non-traditional menu navigation for discovering and experiencing movies, shows and TV channels like never before.

At just 40 inches, Samsung’s UN40KU7000 is one of the smallest 4K Ultra HD Smart LED television models on the market. The 2.1-inch thick LED panel offers a captivating picture and, with UHD dimming, the its more vibrant than ever before. Fortunately, the small size doesn’t mean Samsung skimps on features (you can upscale SD and HD content to near-4K quality and there's even HDR Premium technology that helps limit the brightness to a more eye-pleasing level). The included quad-core processor offers a fast response to commands handled by the Samsung smart remote, which reduces the clutter and leaves you with just a few notable controls, as well as a navigation pad.

Samsung’s Tizen OS offers all your streaming favorites, including YouTube, Netflix and Amazon, Hulu and HBO Now. Plugging in a Blu-ray or gaming system is a snap, thanks to a host of HDMI and USB inputs. Additionally, Samsung offers “cloud gaming,” which allows Android games to play on the large screen without the use of an extra control (although you'll have to be connected to the Internet). While its 24 frames-per-second and 60Hz refresh rate won’t match premium tier TVs, Samsung manages to pack a host of features into a slim package and small size without raising the price. 

Featuring Sony’s High Dynamic Range and Triluminos technology, the company says this 43-inch display is “closer than ever” to real-world colors. With more red, green and blue than ever before, Sony’s take on authentic imagery does offer noticeably realistic colors. It offers all-star support for motion control specs, even if the native refresh rate is only 60Hz. Sony’s 13-millisecond response time and 24p content playback offer an excellent all-around experience that’s sure to please people placing this TV in small rooms (and even large rooms). Sony’s design weighs 34.7 pounds for easy wall mounting, and it has an included stand for use on top of a dresser or small entertainment center. Also included: “Smart TV” features such as Android TV, Google voice search and Google Cast.

Sony’s XBR55X850D 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV promises an impressive picture, smart and user-friendly menu interface, as well as a reliable hardware design. This television also offers some of the best viewing angles in the sub $1,000 price category. Add in High Dynamic Range and accurate color reproduction with the Triluminos display and you’ve got something to rave about.

Like the rest of its Sony brethren, its Motionflow technology keeps the action smooth, but with a Motionflow XR 960 rate, there’s even more motion reduction in action sequences and during sports games. Dynamic Contrast Enhancer will do more to add in brighter highlights, deeper blacks and a more natural tonal gradation. Additionally, there’s Sony’s now default integration of Android TV, apps from Google’s Play Store (YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and Hulu), as well as downloadable Android games to play on the big screen.

Samsung’s UN55KU7500 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV adds one new feature that the rest of the televisions on the list don’t have – a curved display. Although this immersive design is still catching on with shoppers, it offers a fantastic a sleek look and high picture quality. The usual Samsung feature set is included (UHD upscaling and a smart remote with navigational pad). There’s nothing particularly jaw-dropping about the motion control specs, but with 120Hz on board, you can expect immediate reduction in judder during action sequences and Sunday football.

The inclusion of UHD dimming technology offers optimized contrast and color making for a more lifelike image, and the Auto Depth Enhancer adds more depth to different parts of the display. Weighing 41.7 pounds, the Curved display isn’t any lighter than a more traditional “flat” screen, but the real draw here is how easily your eye moves back to the display from anywhere in the room, which makes for vastly improved viewing angles over more traditional TVs.


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