The 8 Best 360-Degree VR Games to Buy in 2018

Expect complete and total immersion into another world

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Not all VR games are made equally. Sometimes there are virtual reality games that just have you fixated on one point without getting that full range of 360-degree movement and visuals that’ll make your experience ever-more lifelike. This doesn’t make these VR games any less good, but sometimes in order to fully appreciate the immersion involved with what virtual reality has to offer, the world we enter must be much like the world of our own.

Below are the best 360-degree virtual reality games. We cover, specifically, both 360-degree VR games on the PlayStation 4 along with the popular Oculus Rift that players can hook up to their PCs. These 360-degree virtual reality worlds offer some of the best gameplay, physics, and mechanics that you’ll experience, showcasing the leaps and bounds of what virtual reality is capable of today. You can be an action hero like John Wick, explore haunted houses and battle the undead, build your own castle or create your own art. With the list below, you’ll never go hungry in what’s possible in the world of virtual reality. 

Our Top Picks

Best First-Person Shooter: Superhot VR

You’re going to feel like an action hero when you play Superhot VR, a first person 360-degree shooter that has you grabbing and throwing objects, deflecting bullets with knives, smacking around enemies and firing pistols. Time moves only when you move, so the game gives off a type of slow-mo Matrix-like feeling as you dodge past whizzing bullets and battle against dozens of polygonal foes in exciting action sequences you never knew you were capable of performing.

When playing Superhot VR you may have a tendency to say “woah” and feel excited as you throw ninja stars across the tables of an ivory lunchroom and see the fractal explosions of the red polygon men in front of you. The game has a multitude of different weapons that give anatomy to your VR experiences such as shotguns, pistols, and wine bottles that can be used for improvised combat against an invading group of red polygonal menaces. Superhot VR is praised for its action-packed mayhem and addictive gameplay and is an instant winner to win over any newcomer seeking the wow factor of virtual reality.

Best for an Out-Of-Body Experience: Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite
Courtesy of Playstation

Rez is the type of legendary cult game that becomes more than just a video game, but instead, an experience — and the rebirthing of this 2001 game comes in a new form: Rez Infinite, an updated version with beautiful 4K resolution graphics, 60 frames per second and new levels.

What is Rez Infinite? The on-rails shooter has you in the role of a floating avatar that ascends a predetermined path through a computer network’s cyberspace. It isn’t as complex as it sounds, but instead, is an easy-to-play and charming shooter where players target and lock on flying polygonal foes in levels that look like a mix of psychedelics and wire-frame models. Rez Infinite includes a new level called “Area X” where players roam in a full 360 degrees of visual freedom, being able to travel anywhere, and offering an even more immersive experience unlike any other.

Best Horror: Resident Evil 7

If you have a history of heart problems, then it’s best to avoid Resident Evil 7, one of the scariest virtual reality games out on the market. Unfortunate players are forced to investigate a creepy family house, where the family isn’t particularly human or accommodating and the jump scares are real so much, that you’ll be playing carefully as you slowly turn the rusty doorknobs to an impending fate.

Resident Evil 7 puts you in a derelict house filled with a strange mutant family, decrepit and stained furnishings and gooey slime monsters that really hate you. Players roam around in first-person with the seventh installment of the famous survival horror series as they fend off against monstrosities using handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and even whirring chainsaws. Players can pick up multiple items and will collect clues and items to solve puzzles that further drive a story that’ll get you itching.

Best Racing: VR Karts: Sprint

VR Karts: Sprint is as about as close as you can get to a Mario Kart virtual reality experience — a simplistic basic racing game that isn’t too demanding or wild, but calm and easy to play. Parents with young kids who want to jump into virtual reality may find that VR Karts: Sprint to be the most approachable game on the list that won’t frighten or overstimulate them.

VR Karts: Sprint puts players behind the wheels of a cartoon kart in fun varied environments (think grand castles, sunset beaches and twisting caves) as they race against rivals. The game offers multiple modes depending on your play style, such as jumping in an online multiplayer against six players, a championship mode with AI racers with rookies, amateur, and pro cup tracks and a time trial mode. Like Mario Kart, VR Karts: Sprint has multiple weapons you can pick up as you race like EMP strikes and missiles that can get you ahead of the competition.

Best for Casual Building Play-style: Minecraft VR

Courtesy of Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best selling and casual games of all time where any player — both beginner or pro — can build anything that their heart or mind desires. The addicting block building adventure game becomes even more addicting with its virtual reality escapism version: Minecraft VR.

Minecraft VR throws players right in the world of Minecraft, where they can build, explore and battle various mobs in an environment that they can manipulate at sheer will. Players can pickaxe their way through giant mountains, collecting resources to build caverns and dungeons, and jump into modes where they must defend their compounds from invading skeletons, spiders and explosive cactuses. The possibilities are endless with Minecraft VR; you can stand on top of a giant sandcastle tower while descending upon a massive staircase as arrows whiz on by and you fall to your death in a lake. You’ll never get tired of it.

Best Multiplayer: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Courtesy of Playstation

If you ever had the aspiration to become a bomb defuser, now’s your chance to experience it without the danger of dying, but the feeling of it with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The popular bomb defusing gaming is two-player and requires the talents of proper communication and listening in order to succeed so don’t play it if you are married.

Keep Talking and Nobody explodes requires your immediate attention as you work with a friend who has the manual to defuse the bomb that’s right in front of you. Players race the clock as they communicate with each other in order to cut the right wires, punch in the right numbers, tap in the right sequences and hope nothing goes wrong while sweat drips from their foreheads. The game does require two people to play, so make sure that you and your friend (or foe) get together and don't explode.

Best Easy First-Person Shooter: Robo Recall

Robo Recall
Courtesy of Epic Games

Robo Recall is an amazing action-packed first-person shooter type game that has you on the front lines with battling a barrage of defective, homicidal robots that invade a city. The game relies on our reflexes as you utilize a vast arsenal of weaponry that feels real to the touch, giving a visceral sensation as you aim down your sights, fire away and even rip apart robots with your bare hands.

Robo Recall supports a standing and sitting experience, so you don’t have to walk around blind around your house. Gameplay has a simple point-to-teleport navigation system that pits you in the heat of the action. Before you jump into combat, you’ll first go through a training simulation that’ll build your confidence in managing your controls like drawing your handgun, moving and picking up objects. Fans of Michael Bay movies will definitely love this one.

Best for Art Creation: Medium

Courtesy of Oculus

Virtual reality doesn’t have to be a menacing dream world of constant action and defying experiences, but can also provide a gentle touch for the creative types of games such as Medium. Medium is an immersive VR game that lets you sculpt, model, paint and create tangible creations in a 3D world. It’s a great game for beginners or anyone aspiring to be creative, and gives professionals a new medium to work with.

Medium utilizes Oculus Rift’s touch controls in order to manifest creation. Players will have at their disposable a versatile toolkit that opens a world of boundless artistic creativity. Don’t worry, there’s a useful tutorial system that will get players grasping the basics easily, so they can study shape, form and find numerous methods to apply their style and tastes. The game has over 300 prefabricated stamps  and gives players the chance to make their own, as well as export high-resolution creations for 3D modeling, printing, sharing through the VR art community and even using their creations in their own games.