The 7 Best 24-Inch and Smaller LCD and LED/LCD TVs to Buy in 2017

Check out these great TVs for small spaces

An LCD Television in the 24-Inch and a smaller category is often just the right size for a second room, office, or small apartment. Today's LCD televisions offer great performance, as well as the latest input options for Upscaling DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, and some have outputs for connection to a home theater system. A compact LCD Television is the perfect space saver. Check out some of my current favorites. Also, check out my suggestions for LCD TVs in the 26 to 29-Inch, 32 to 39-Inch, and 40-Inch and Larger screen sizes.

By the way, did you know you can connect your headphones to any TV? Once you get the perfect TV, try it!

The Samsung UN24M4500 is compact LED/LED TV that features a 23.6-inch screen with energy efficient LED edge-lighting, 720p native display resolution, wide contrast ratio, and Samsung's Motion Rate 60 (60Hz refresh rate with additional processing).

The LED edge light is additionally supported by Samsung's micro dimming technology which allows for more precise black levels around bright objects. Additional color enhancement and ultra clean view are provided to provide accurate and clean images with reduced artifacts.

For connectivity, this set includes 2 HDMI inputs, ATSC tuner, and 1 USB port, so you can enjoy true high definition from a variety of sources. However, it must be pointed out that the component and composite video inputs are shared - which means you cannot connect both a composite and component video source into the TV at the same time.

On the other hand, this TV is a fully-equipped Smart TV with both Ethernet and Wifi connection access to your home network and the internet, so you can web browse or watch video content from both online sources (such as Netflix) and video and photo files stored your PC or smartphone via Samsung's easy-to-use onscreen interface.

If you are looking for a space-saving TV with a lot of features, the Samsung UN24M4500 is definitely one to consider.

Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Roku TV
Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 Roku TV. Image provided by Best Buy

The Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 incorporates a lot of great features for its small size. Starting with the basics, this set features a 1366x768 (approx. 720p) native screen resolution supported by Direct LED Backlighting for improved contrast and energy efficiency, as well as 60Hz refresh rate.

The Insignia NS-24ER310NA17 also provides 3 HDMI inputs, a shared composite/component video input, and even a headphone connection. In addition, a USB input is provided for access to digital still photos and videos stored on USB flash drives.

However, the big bonus included in the NS-24ER310NA17 is the Roku operating system. This enables you to watch content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more without having to plug in a separate media streaming box.

In addition, the Roku interface makes navigating all your TV's features quick and easy - You can even download the Roku Mobile App onto your smartphone, and operate the TV directly from that phone.

To make a connection to the internet, the NS-24ER310NA17 includes WiFi, but no Ethernet.

If you are looking for a small screen TV that offers up something extra - check out the Insignia NS-24ER310NA17. More »

The Vizio D24-D1 is a compact 24-inch TV from Vizio that delivers a lot more than its small size might indicate. This set features LED edge-lighting, which not only provides better contrast, but also allows for eco-friendly power consumption, and a very slim profile. Along with the LED edge-lighting, this set boasts a native 1080p display resolution so you can all the detail in Blu-ray Discs and high-def TV broadcasts, and for connection convenience one HDMI, a shared composite/component input, a VGA-PC monitor input, a headphone connection, and a USB port for playback of compatible media files are also provided. It must be noted that since the composite and component input is shared, you cannot connect a composite and component video source to the TV at the same time.

However, the big bonus is that the Vizio D24-D1 is also a SmartTV, with built-in Ethernet and WiFi for connection options for access to your home network or the internet, enabling users to stream content from a host of providers such as Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and more. This set is a great option for small spaces and can even​ be used as a computer monitor.

If you are looking a basic LCD TV in a very small screen size, Sceptre offers up the E246BV-SR. This set sports a 24-inch screen, LED edge lighting, 1366x768 (approx 720p) native display resolution, good contrast, and a 10ms response time. This set also has 1 HDMI input and a shared composite/component video input. Also, you can use the set as PC monitor by plugging your PC into the E246BV-SR's VGA input.

A USB port is also provided for playback of music and still image files from flash drives and other compatible USB devices.

If you are looking for a compact, thin profile, LCD television, that is also very energy efficient (About 20 watts average during operation), definitely include this set on your consideration list.

LG is well known for its PC monitors and high-end OLED TV tech, but they also make some great basic LCD TVs in screen sizes large and small. The 24LJ4540 is a very compact 24-inch LCD TV that delivers great images with its Direct LED backlit IPS panel (provides a wide viewing angle), several settings to limit flicker that ensures comfortable viewing, and 720p display resolution. which is fine for a small screen.

However, although the picture quality is excellent, one caution for those that have older video gear that do not have HDMI outputs. The only video input provided for connecting external sources is 1 HDMI. There are no analog composite or component video inputs provided. Also, there is no VGA input. However, if your PC has an HDMI output, you can connect it to the TV using that option. In addition, if you desire to connect more than one HDMI source device into the TV, you may need an external HDMI switcher.

On the other hand, a tuner for over-the-air and unscrambled HD cable signal sources are included. If you are looking for a really small TV, but don't need a lot of connectivity options, check out the LG 24LJ4540.

The Sceptre E195BV-SHD is really small TV that has great styling. Featuring a 16x9 screen, LED edge lighting, 720p (1366x768) native pixel resolution, wide contrast ratio, and 60Hz refresh rate, the set delivers a very pleasing image. In addition, with 2 HDMI and 1 VGA inputs, ATSC tuner, and USB port, you can enjoy true high definition from a variety of sources, including from USB flash drives or external hard drive. Another bonus is the LED edge-lighting makes the E195BV-SHD very energy efficient.

For audio, the E195BV-SHD provides a very modest speaker system (although it does have a 7-band equalizer), but also offers a digital optical output for connection to external audio systems, as well as a headphone output for private listening.

If you are looking for a space-saving, but high quality, LCD TV, that will also save on your electric bill, definitely check out the Sceptre E195BV-SHD.

Do you have an RV? If so, and if you looking for a TV that has a lager than book-sized TV screen - then check out the SuperSonic 22-inch TV with AC/DC compatibility.

The SC-2211 has everything you would expect in a basic TV these days, including LED backlighting, built-in tuner for receiver over-the-air programming, HDMI and analog video AV inputs. Added connectivity includes a USB port for viewing/listening to compatible media files. A mini-jack for connecting headphones is also provided. Also, if you want to hear better sound, a coaxial digital audio output is provided for connection to an external audio system. The screen display resolution is full 1080p.

No bonus features, such as internet streaming are included, but the set is AC/DC compatible with addition of a car power cord, making the SC-2211 practical for RV use.

NOTE: Stand design may vary - may have end feet instead of center stand as shown in provided image.


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