Best 19-inch LCD Monitors

A Selection of the Best 19-inch Displays for a Variety of Uses

Thanks to improving technology, LCD displays have gotten better and larger while having their costs decrease. Because of this, the 19-inch class of displays has become a specialized size that is not common in the desktop market anymore. If you are looking for a compact and affordable display, I recommend that you check out my Best 24-inch LCDs to see a selection of currently available options.

Apr 8, 2009 - 19-inch LCDs were pretty much the de facto size for desktop computers because of their cost compared to their size. As the larger screen prices have come down, the 19-inch screens are starting to loose their appeal. Now they are much more likely to be seen used with budget systems or for those that are looking for a screen for a smaller space. The majority of them are also now built with the wide aspect ratio compared to the traditional 4:3 design. If you are looking for a smaller screen, check out which screens I feel are current the best for a variety of different uses.

Best Overall - Dell S1909WX 19-inch

Dell S1909WX 19-inch LCD Computer Monitor
Dell S1909WX. ©Dell

With a surprisingly low cost of $170, the new Dell S1909WX 19-inch display provides a surprising effective LCD monitor for just about any purpose that you might have. The LCD panel provides a 1440x900 resolution with a 5ms response time. The really notable aspect of the screen through is an 85% NTSC color gamut that provides a wider range of color than the traditional 72% found in most consumer screens. The fast response times make it suitable for use in video and gaming as well. It features both a VGA and DVI-D connector with HDCP support for high definition video support. The relatively low price tag comes from the inclusion of just a VGA cable and a stand that only supports tilt and no swivel or height adjustments.

Best Value - Hanns-G HB-191DPB 19-inch LCD

Hanns-G HP-191DPB 19-inch Value LCD Monitor
Hanns-G HP-191DPB. ©Hannspree, Inc.

Those looking for a capable screen for not a lot of money will want to take a close look at the Hanns-G HB-191DPB. This 19-inch LCD screen can be found for around $120 to $140 making it extremely affordable. The wide aspect display features a 1440x900 resolution screen with a 5ms response time. This makes the screen suitable for video or gaming without much noticeable frame lag. It uses a VGA or DVI-D connector that also supports HDPC for high definition video. It even includes two 1W stereo speakers although anyone wanting to use them for music will probably want better speakers. The downsides to the low cost are a stand with only tilt support and no DVI-D cable.

Best Gaming - LG W1952TQ-TF 19-inch

LG W1952TQ-TF Gaming 19-inch lCD Monitor
LG W1952TQ-TF. ©LG Electronics

The key feature of a gaming monitor is fast response times. The LG W1952TQ-TF offers an extremely fast 2ms response time in an affordable package. The 19-inch display comes with a 1440x900 resolution. The screen doesn't have quite the color range of some of the other 19-inch screens but for fast motion games or watching movies, this isn't as much of an issue. It comes with a VGA and DVI-D connector with HDCP support. Unlike many other gaming or video screens, it uses an anti-glare coating that is actually very useful as it lessens the amount of glare on the screen that can be distracting. The stand only features tilt adjustment and no DVI cable is included. Prices range from $170 to $200.

Best Multifunctional - Samsung ToC T200HD 20-inch

Samsung Touch of Color T200HD Mulrifuntional 20-inch LCD Monitor
Samsung T200HD. ©:Samsung

So why the selection of a 20-inch screen? Because there really aren't any 19-inch LCD monitors of note that come equipped with multiple video inputs such that it can be used with a computer or other video devices. The Samsung Touch of Color T200HD comes with a 20-inch panel featuring a higher 1680x1050 resolution that is slightly lower than full 1080p. It features a VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and component video inputs. In addition to this, it comes equipped with an HDTV tuner and 3W speakers allowing it to double as a TV in addition to a computer monitor. The 5ms response time is well suited to video and gaming without much input lag. The glossy coating may be distracting for some and the stand only features tilt adjustment.

Best Graphics - NEC Multisync LCD1990SX-BK 19-inch

NEC Multisync LCD1990SX 19-inch Graphics LCD Monitor
NEC Multisync LCD1990SX. ©NEC Display Solutions

Color reproduction is crucial to those people looking to use a monitor for graphics and digital photography. Most of the monitors these days are geared more to the TV color rather than print. NEC's Multisync LCD1990SX-BK provides a display that has some of the best color available on a 19-inch screen. It uses a traditional 4:3 aspect ratio with a 1280x1024 resolution compared to the more common widescreen displays. It does provide a much higher color gamut than other LCD panels in this size at the cost of a slower 8ms response time. This makes the screen not well suited to video or games. The stand also allows greater flexibility with height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments. Connectors included DVI and VGA. Price is around $480.