The Top 10 Best 10-Hour Long Videos on YouTube

Got an entire day to waste? Then watch one of these videos

Ever since YouTube increased the 15-minute video length back in 2011, users far and wide have been taking advantage of the fact that they could start uploading extremely long videos. In fact, if your account has a clean record and is verified, you can easily start uploading videos as long as 11 hours.

The Longest Videos on YouTube

The 10-hour parody video is an extension of the previous 10-minute version before the video length limit was extended. When a viral video, a catchy song, or a hilarious meme really takes off, YouTube users will often take that as an opportunity to intensify its influence and humor by taking the whole thing or alternatively choosing a short clip to play over and over again in a single 10-hour video.

It's pretty unlikely that most viewers actually sit there to watch one of these excruciatingly long videos in full, but that's not really the point. The point is that a 10-hour version of a popular video or meme simply exists, and that's what makes it at least ten times funnier than the original.

If the song or video is enjoyable enough, some may let it play in the background as they work or do something else. In addition to all the different memes and parodies that have been made into 10-hour versions, there are also tons of 10-hour videos based on relaxing music or catchy beats that people can simply listen to as they leave it playing in the browser.

Here's a quick roundup of 10 of the funniest 10-hour videos to check out. That's 100 hours of Internet distraction if you were to watch all of them in full.

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Nyan Cat for 10 Hours

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Remember Nyan Cat? The 8-bit animated video of a flying cat with a Pop-Tart for its body and a rainbow flowing out of its behind was uploaded in 2011 and was one of the biggest viral hits of the year. The animation is paired with a ridiculously catchy song with no other lyrics but the word "nyan" sung over and over again. Of course, a 10-hour version just had to be made, which now has over 44 million views.

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He-Man 'HEYEAYEA' Song for 10 Hours

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He-man Sings (otherwise simply known as "HEYEAYEA") features the star of the popular 80s animated TV show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe singing and dancing to a flamboyant arrangement of the song What's Up? by 4 Non-Blondes. The original video is longer with an intro and outro, while another shorter version only features the main song (plus almost 60 million views). The 10-hour version of it has over 11 million views.

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'Trololo' Song for 10 Hours

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An old video of Russian singer Eduard Anatolyevich Khil performing I am Glad, ‘cause I’m Finally Returning Back Home became known as the Trololo guy by the rest of the English-speaking world when it went viral in 2009. The original full version has over 9 million views, with various 10-hour versions being uploaded after it became so popular online. One 10-hour version has about 4.6 million views, while another has 2.5 million.

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'The 7th Element' Song by VITAS for 10 Hours

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A recent Russian song from singer Vitas has been gaining more popularity as of late — and might possibly even get big enough to dethrone Trololo guy. Although the original music video for his song The 7th Element was uploaded in 2010, it wasn't really discovered by the YouTube community until as of late. A 10-hour version of Vitas singing out the iconic part of the song where he makes this incredibly hilarious sound with a fluttering movement of his tongue has gained over 400,000 views in the first two months that it's been on YouTube.

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Epic Sax Guy for 10 Hours

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Epic Sax Guy, also known as Saxroll, is a clip of a saxophonist's performance at Eurovision in 2010. The smooth tune and ridiculous clip of him dancing through it is comparable in virality to Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up — otherwise known as Rickroll. The 10-hour version of Epic Sax Guy has been viewed over 18 million times.

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Windows Error Remix for 10 Hours

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The original Windows Error Remix is a five-minute song that incorporates all sorts of recognizable error sounds from Microsoft's operating system. It's actually quite impressive, and the song has attracted over 13 million views/listens since it was first uploaded in 2008. People seemed to like it so much that of course, a 10-hour version had to be created. It's been listened to almost six million times. 

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Gangnam Style 'Eeey, Sexy Lady!' for 10 Hours

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Gangnam Style is the number one most viewed video on YouTube of all time, and with nearly 2.5 billion views (holy smokes!) it shouldn't really be all that surprising that a variety of different 10-hour versions of the music video in full or featuring specific clips have made they're way onto YouTube since the video originally blew up in 2012. The short section of the song and music video, where pretty much the only English words are spoken are, "Eeey, sexy lady!" has a 10-hour version of its own, with about 63,000 views.

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Darth Vader Breathing for 10 Hours

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There certainly are a lot of Star Wars fans that know how to take their obsession to new levels, and the video of Darth Vader breathing for 10 hours is one such example. Incredibly, this video has been viewed over one million times, and it's probably the most mundane one on this entire list. It is, however, somewhat soothing to listen to — and despite it being the eerie breath of one of the most notorious fictional villains of all time, you could probably use it to help you fall asleep.

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Miguel's Guitar Playing Zelda's Gerudo Valley Music for 10 Hours

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Miguel's Guitar is an animated GIF meme featuring the animated character intensely strumming away at his instrument from the 2000 movie Road to El Dorado. Someone cleverly decided to use it as the imagery for a 10-hour YouTube video of the music for the Gerudo Valley location featured in the video game The Legend of Zelda. The music and the GIF seem to be the perfect pairing.

This specific video has since been taken down from YouTube, but there are at least a couple of other 10-hour versions featuring still images of the video game.

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Johnny T from Glove and Boots Saying 'Ya Gotta Do It' for 10 Hours

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Johnny T is a puppet character from the quirky YouTube show Glove and Boots who decided to share his blog ideas in this original video with one of the main characters, Fafa the groundhog. The best part of the entire video is when Johnny T starts pestering Fafa to let him talk about his last big blog idea, saying "you gotta do it" over and over in his very distinct New York accent. The clip is so hilarious that the creators decided they just had to make a 10-hour version of it.

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