Bang & Olufsen Release of BeoLab 90 Loudspeaker

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 Loudspeaker
Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 Loudspeaker. Image provided by Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen, the Denmark-based company known for their unique product designs, high-end performance, and very high prices, celebrated its 90th anniversary during 2015, and, to celebrate, they have unveiled their most uniquely designed loudspeaker ever, the BeoLab 90 (see photo at the top of this article for a good look).

The Drivers

In addition to its unique 360-degree design, inside each 50-inch tall, 302lb enclosure, the BeoLab 90 incorporates 7 tweeters (1.18-inches each), 7 midrange (3.38-inches each), and 4 woofers (3 woofers with 8.4-inche diameters, and one front facing woofer with a 10.24-inch diameter). No information provided so far on crossover frequency points or total speaker assembly frequency response.

The Amps

Unlike most loudspeakers, all of the needed amplification is built-in into the BeoLab 90, and when I say built-in, there are total of 18 custom-made power amplifiers specifically for use in the BeoLab 90, including 7 ICE AM300-X Amps that individually power the tweeters and midrange, plus 4 additonal HelioX AM1000-1 Class D Amps to power the woofers.

So, how much can each speaker pump out? - How about 8,200 watts. That is more than enough power to meet the demands of any size residential room.

Sound Control

Also, in addition to the speakers and built-in amps, Bang & Olufsen has also incorporated some very useful extras including:

Active Room Compensation - An automatic speaker setup system which set level, distance, and equalization parameters based on room size and conditions.

Beam Width Control - Provides control of the width of the soundfield coming from each speaker depending on your seating location.

Beam Direction Control Since the BeoLab 90 has A 360-degree design, you can steer the direction of the sound coming from the speakers for up to five different directions.


The BeoLab 90's are sold as a pair, with one speaker designated to function as the Master and the second speaker designated a the Slave. In other words, all the needed connectivity from your source (most likely a Preamp) is included on one speaker (the Master) and then the Master connects to the second speaker (the Slave) via "Powerlink" or wirelessly, which sends the appropriate audio signal needed by the slave speaker (such as the second channel in a two channel setup).

Also, since these are self-powered speakers, you won't find traditional speaker terminals on either speaker, but you will find the following physical connection options on the Master Speaker:

In addition, the BeoLab 90's are also WiSA compliant, which means that is it compatible with select wireless audio transmission products, such as other Bang & Olfusen WiSA-enabled source devices. For more details, check out the Bang & Olufsen Wireless Sound Page, as well as my previous report on Bang & Olufsen's Wireless BeoLab Speaker Line.

More Info

Despite their design complexity, Bang & Olufsen has made the BeoLab 90 easy to operate via a downloadable smartphone app.

The price for the BeoLab 90 loudspeakers is $80,000 per pair.

The BeoLab 90 is expected be available through authorized Bang & Olufsen dealers beginning on November 17th 2015 (The company's official 90th Birthday). Even if you can't afford them (and most of us can't), based on Bang & Olufsen's reputation, they will definitely be worth a listen.

For more details on the BeoLab 90, check out the Official BeoLab 90 Product Page (English Version)