Benjamin Roussey

Benjamin Roussey

Sacramento, CA


California State University, Sacramento

University of Phoenix



3D Printing

Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

Smart Home Technology


  • ESL instructor in South Korea and Saudi Arabia.
  • Navy veteran with experience navigating ships using GPS technology.
  • Obtained a bachelor's degree from California Statue University, Sacrament and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. 


He has worked everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, and also for public agencies. He has lived in South Korea and Saudi Arabia where he was an ESL instructor. He currently writes professionally for several clients that cover one sector of our economy to another. He enjoys sports, movies, reading (Popular Mechanics all the way to historical fiction novels), and current events when he is not working online.

Benjamin loves technology and uses technology all day long to complete his job. He is fascinated with drones, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, smart homes, technology for pets, and even laptops. He has written on all these topics and more.

He used GPS technology in the Navy and has navigated ships all over the world (though he was only on one type of ship–Spruance class destroyer–and only went on two in a half deployments). He was not an admiral! Benjamin takes his online privacy and security seriously. Using VPN, keeping online accounts secure, and writing about them is also his forte.

Benjamin prefers a PC, not a Mac–mainly for financial purposes.


Benjamin graduated from CSUS with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. He later went on to obtain his MBA in Global Management from UOP.

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