The Benefits of Web Conferencing

A group of business people meeting in a conference.


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Before the advent of broadband Internet access, business trips were the norm. Employees all over the world traveled in order to meet with colleagues and clients, losing enormous amounts of time at airports in the process. Nowadays, while business trips are still common, many companies are choosing to meet online instead, as there are many advanced web conferencing tools that help make employees feel like they are all together in the conference room, regardless of how far away they might be from each other. If you are considering implementing or suggesting the adoption of web conferencing in your company, below is a list of reasons that will help you make your case. 

Web Conferencing Saves Time

Without having to travel, employees can spend their working hours being productive, meaning that more work will get done in less time than before. This is a huge deal nowadays, when executives and clients alike are increasingly demanding, and results are expected fast. Web conferencing helps improve employee efficiency, since the technology that powers it makes it possible for workers to get in touch with people all over the world almost instantly. Moreover, web conferences can be done in as little as 30 minutes, so employees don't spend time in lengthy but mostly useless meetings just because they have traveled somewhere.

Saves Money

The price of traveling has increased significantly in the past few years, whether employees are taking a plane or driving to their destination. Add to that the cost of meals and accommodation, and companies are left with a hefty bill for a single employee to attend a meeting. On the other hand, web conferencing can even be free, as there are many free web conferencing tools available. This is especially important when the economy is struggling and companies need to save every penny in order to keep their employees. 

Enables Employees to Meet at Any Time

Even though workers might not be face-to-face in an online meeting, they still help with team building since they can happen more often. In fact, web and video conferencing is so flexible, that it can happen at any time and from anywhere, as long as those involved have an Internet-enabled device. Team members can make themselves available to each other at any time, so if there's a pressing deadline, for example, they can work together to meet it. This ability to speak to anyone from the company at any time, helps dispersed employees feel like they're part of a tight-knit group, improving team morale and results. Companies can also use web conferencing to communicate with their employees on a regular basis, creating a sense of transparency within the organization.

Lets Companies Hire the Best Talent, Regardless of Location 

Gone are the days when companies could only hire local talent or those willing to relocate. With the advent of remote working and web conferencing, companies are free to hire talent from anywhere in the world, since employees can communicate easily and clearly with the click of a button. Web conferencing has helped remove geographical barriers, as teams can now be built and monitored remotely with an unprecedented level of communication between employees.

Helps improve Client Relationships 

Web conferencing helps companies keep in touch with clients on a more regular basis, so they can feel involved in the projects they have commissioned. Online meetings can also be more interactive and interesting than phone calls, as it's possible to share slides, videos, and even desktop screens. This means that employees can not only explain the progress of a project, but they can demonstrate it as well. This helps client relationships become closer and more transparent.