Benefits of Super Powers on Badoo

A guide to the social network's premium features

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Meeting new friends and potential dating partners is free on Badoo, and the application also has a set of premium features that can make you stand out among its 60 million active users. These features, known as Super Powers, help you meet people faster.

Super Powers on Badoo

You get free Super Powers when you sign up (register if you haven't already) and then purchase them in one-, three-, six-, or twelve-month subscriptions, starting at $8 per month.

Here's what each Super Power can do.

Increase Visibility

One great benefit is the ability to add your photo to the Spotlight panel, which is seen across the top of the screen and features photos of paid users. Your photo displays more often in the Encounters game or rises to the top spot in search results.

See Who Wants to Meet You

When you activate your Super Powers, you'll find out which Badoo users voted "Yes" or "Maybe" for you in the Encounters game. No more guessing who might be interested.

Get More Information About People

While playing the Encounters game, if you enabled Super Powers, you can view information about other users that isn't otherwise available.

No More Hanging Around

Perhaps you've sent a message to a Badoo user and not known whether they received it. With Super Powers enabled, you'll know for sure if another user has read your mail, so you won't have to waste time on those who likely aren't interested.

Exclusive Access to Popular Users

With Super Powers activated, you'll get to the top of the list to speak with the most popular users and have exclusive access that's not enjoyed by regular Badoo members.

Stand out Among Other Messengers

As a Super Powers user, you'll enjoy knowing your messages are always positioned above regular users' messages, making it more likely that your communications will be seen. With this feature, you're always in front of a potential match or friend.

Advance Profile Search

Additionally, as a Super Powers user, you'll get a deeper, more personalized search to find people who match exactly what you're looking for and get closer to your next date or social outing.

View Profiles Secretly

Would you like to sneak a peek at another member's profile without them knowing? You can stealthily check out potential matches with Invisible Mode, which is exclusively for those with Super Powers enabled.

Profile Skins

Stand out with a custom profile skin and other personalization features available only to paid subscribers.

New Member Alerts

Get notifications of newcomers to Badoo and be the first to welcome them to the social network. This feature offers a great way to make a good first impression.