Get an Edge in Bejeweled With These Cheats

Bejeweled screenshot
EvelynGiggles/Flickr/CC 2.0

Bejeweled was once that secret game you installed on your PC at work or that game you had always running in the background on your home computer or laptop. It was both a joy and a secret guilty pleasure. It landed on Facebook in the form of Bejeweled Blitz. This version of Bejeweled goes one further, making teams from the people in your friend list who also play Bejeweled.

This system rewards players with high enough scores by entering them into prize drawings. Many of the prizes range from things like a premium PopCap Games Platinum Pack to a Dell laptop; one drawing has as the big prize a Mazda3 iSport 4-door sedan.

This, of course, drives people to pump out as big a score as possible or to rank number #1 on your team list. The higher both your ranking and your score are, the more chances you could be entered into a prize drawing.

Legal Vs. Illegal Bejeweled Cheats

Using illegal hacks to circumvent the mechanics of the game and or Facebook can easily disqualify you. Many hacks float about, but only official hacks that use the quirks of the game itself are allowed and encouraged. Some hacks do reward you with high scores but at the expense of having artificially inflated scores which will get you passed over. These sets of hacks are legal and acceptable in a Bejeweled match.

Moving Gems Before Game Start

When you start a match, the gems fill in, the timer is set, and a deep voice prepares you for your epic battle against those gems. You'd think that voice is there to prepare and get you in the mood to play, right? Actually, that voice is a distraction; the gems are able to be moved before the voice cue and even before the timer starts. Using those two to three seconds before the spoken 'Go' can gain you a few moves that will add to your overall score.

Playing After the Match Is Over

Conversely, you can continue playing the game after a match ends. When the timer runs out or during an explosion, moves can still be continually made. Ignore the flashing screen and pick for last-minute matches; getting a last-minute cascade or exploding leftover cubes can rack up that high score.

Turn Off Game Sounds

Turning off all game sounds, including the music and especially the background noises and explosions will help in your gameplay. The sounds are meant to distract and keep your attention away from finding and completing more gem matches.