Beginner's Guide to OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress is a presentation software program that is part of a suite of programs offered as a free download from OpenOffice Impress is a great tool for presentations in business, classrooms, and personal use.

This tutorial is designed for the absolute beginner and will take you through all the basics of making your first presentation.

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What Is OpenOffice Impress?

A brief overview of OpenOffice Impress, a presentation software program.

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Getting Started With OpenOffice Impress

OpenOffice Impress toolbar overview
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This tutorial will get you acquainted with the opening screen, the task pane, toolbars and different ways to view your presentations.

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Slide Layouts in OpenOffice Impress

Chart slide layout in OpenOffice Impress
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Learn about the different layouts for your slides. Choose from title and text slides, content layout slides, and how to add a new slide or change the slide layout in the task pane.
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Different Ways to View Slides in OpenOffice Impress

Add speaker notes to printouts of OpenOffice Impress slides
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View your Open Office Impress slide in a variety of ways. Choose from normal view, outline view, notes, handout or slide sorter view.

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Background Colors for Slides in OpenOffice Impress

Gradient color slide background in Open Office Impress
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Add a colorful background to your Open Office Impress presentation. Solid colors or gradients are just two of the selections to choose from.
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Change Font Colors and Styles in OpenOffice Impress

A poorly designed slide in Open Office Impress
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Learn about how to change font colors, styles and effects to make your presentation effective and easily readable.
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Apply Slide Design Templates in OpenOffice Impress

Different slide design template samples in Open Office Impress
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Apply a slide design template included in OpenOffice Impress to color coordinate your presentation.

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Add Pictures in OpenOffice Impress Presentations

Add pictures to Open Office Impress slides
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Break up the boredom of all text slides by adding photos and other graphic images in OpenOffice Impress presentations.
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Modify Slide Layouts in OpenOffice Impress

Modify slide layouts in Open Office Impress
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For this tutorial we will add, move, resize and delete objects from a standard slide layout that you can choose from the task pane, in OpenOffice Impress.
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Add, Delete or Move Slides in OpenOffice Impress

Use slide sorter view to delete Open Office Impress slides
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In the last tutorial on modifying slide layouts in OpenOffice Impress, we worked with the objects on the individual slides. For this tutorial, we will add, delete or change the order of the completed slides in the presentation.
Choose a slide transition in Open Office Impress
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Add motion to your presentation by using slide transitions as one slide changes to the next. More »

Animations add movement to objects on Open Office Impress slides
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Animations are the movements added to the objects on the slides. The slides themselves are animated by using transitions. This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the steps to add animations and customize them to your presentation.
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