A Beginner's Guide to Badoo for Android

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After you download Badoo for Android and complete registration for your free account, you can launch the dating app to start meeting friends and dates in your town or anywhere you visit. When you first launch the app, you will see a screen which appears as illustrated above. This is your home screen and how you will navigate between the myriad of features on Badoo.

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Badoo for Android Features

These basic features of Badoo can be found on the Badoo website, but the convenience and ease of using the dating app are exceptional.

  • Profile. In addition to being the nerve center for this app, where you can sign in to Badoo, sign out, purchase credits and more, the profile is where you let other members know who you are and what you're about.
  • People Nearby. This is the Badoo search function on the Android app. In addition to showing you potential matches nearby, you can also modify your demographics to find exactly who you are looking for.
  • Encounters. This Hot-or-Not-like feature allows you to rate potential matches with the click of a button. A fast and easy way to browse the profiles of members without going through the search function.
  • Messages. Pretty clear cut, this feature is your inbox where incoming chat messages are stored.
  • Favorites. When you favorite someone on their profile, their name and picture are added here for easy reference. Use favorites sparingly to separate those you are already chatting with for best results.
  • Visitors. Want to find out who has been checking out your profile? Check out the Visitors screen to monitor who is sneaking a peek.
  • You Like. This feature lists all the people you said "Yes" to while playing the Encounters game.
  • Like You. This icon will take you to a list of Badoo members who liked you when you appeared in their Encounters game.
  • Mutual. This is where the magic happens. From the Mutual feature, check out people you liked who also said they liked you. A match made in heaven.
  • Widget. With a Widget, see new messages, mutual attractions and people who want to meet you from your home screen. Find out how to get a Widget here.
  • Wallpaper. Wallpaper is nifty, in that it displays locals right on your home screen on your Android device. Several theme varieties to choose from.
  • Blocked. Want to see who you've blocked from viewing and messaging you? Here's the list.
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How to Use the Profile on Badoo for Android App

The Badoo for Android profile, located under the "Profile" tab from the home screen, is the control center for your entire account. In addition to creating a (hopefully) perfect first impression for others here, complete with pictures and information, you also can perform a variety of functions important to your use of this Android app.

Functions of the Badoo Profile on Android
Here is a general list of the things you can control directly from your profile and where:

  1. Login to Badoo. When you first launch the app, clicking profile becomes your gateway into the service.
  2. Buy Super Powers. Under the Super Power menu item, as illustrated above, you can purchase a package to unlock these premium features and help you meet more people.
  3. Monitor Credit Balances. Click the Badoo Credits menu to view your current balance plus refill your credit account to purchase premium features.
  4. Notifications. Set your alert preferences for Messages, Visitors, Alerts, when someone wants to meet you, and for new mutual attractions.
  5. Privacy. Choose whether to show your distance and your online status through the privacy menu.
  6. Sign Out. Under the Account menu, you can log off Badoo for Android completely, preventing delivery of notifications and messages until you log in again.

How to Complete Your Badoo for Android Profile

A full profile will always yield a better experience on this and other chat or social networking services, so take the time to fill out each of these sections to increase new friend and dating opportunities.

  • Photos. Click the photo frame, located to the left of your name, to view your profile's existing photos and to upload new ones. Click the + icon within your galleries to upload a new photo from Facebook, an existing photo or to use your device camera to take a photo.
  • Name & More. Tap your name on the screen, as illustrated above, to edit your name as it appears online, your age/date of birth, and your gender.
  • Who You Want to Meet. Clicking the box underneath your name allows you to specify who you wish to meet, including age, gender, and desired activity.
  • Interests. Clicking the Interests menu option allows you to view the things you've already said you liked, plus add more interests to your profile.
  • Personal Info. By clicking on these individual demographics, you can share much more with potential Badoo girls and boys, including:
    • Location
    • About Me/Profile Essay
    • Relationship Status
    • Sexuality
    • Appearance
    • Living Situation
    • Children
    • Smoking Preferences
    • Drinking Preferences
    • Education
    • Languages Spoken
    • Career Information

To preview your Badoo profile once you have completed all information you desire to share, located and click the Preview button in the upper right corner.

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How to Use Badoo Search

On Badoo for Android, the "People Nearby" function serves as a way to search for new buddies and possible dates online. When you first click the People Nearby icon, you will see a screen with the members closest to your current location.

To search for a more specific set of people, click the Menu button, and select the Filter button in the bottom left corner. On the Android app, Badoo users are limited in their search abilities. Click each drop-down menu and option to select:

  • What activity you wish to fulfill (ex. see a movie)
  • The gender or genders of the matches
  • Age range (from least to greatest)
  • Location (nearby or specify a city

Once you have set your preferences, click the silver "Find people nearby" button to continue. To view a search result, click their photo to open their profile.

For a more robust advanced search function, check out the full Badoo search online where you can add three of your own demographic filters.

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The Encounters Game on Badoo Android App

Beyond the Badoo search on your Android device, the Encounters game is another great way to meet new friends and dates, activity partners and people to chat with. Under the Encounters icon (top right from the home screen, which appears with an orange set of dice), this feature is a Hot-or-Not style ranking system that lets you browse through the profiles of other Badoo users.

How to Play, Use Encounters

To begin meeting new people right away, click the Encounters icon from the home screen of your app and get started now:

  1. Browse through the first Encounter, flipping from left to right to view additional photos (if they exist), the user's name, age, location, who they are looking for and the last time they were on.
  2. Make a decision. Do you want to meet them? Press Yes, No, or Maybe.
  3. Your next Encounter will load automatically. Repeat.

If you have Super Powers enabled on your account, you can click the Menu button and select Personal Info to view their complete profile to learn more about them.

Want to be scene on Encounters more often? Click the Menu button from your Android device, and click Get Noticed. You must have Badoo credits in your account to purchase this feature.

Define Your Perfect Encounters

If you would like to specify the type of person you'd like to meet in Encounters, click the Menu button, select the Filter button in the lower left corner and choose your preferences to get matched. Badoo users can specify Encounters based on:

  • Desired activity (ex. go to the movies)
  • Match gender(s)
  • Age range (least to greatest)
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How to Use Badoo Messages

Checking for messages on Badoo Android app is simple. Press the Messages icon (second row, first column) from the home screen to access your inbox. The Messages inbox is where all incoming and sent messages are delivered and stored until deleted.

How to Open a Message on Badoo

To chat with someone who has sent you an instant message, press the message. You are now able to send a response, share your location and more. Learn how to chat on Badoo here.

How to Delete a Message on Badoo

To remove a message from your inbox, press the Menu button on your device and then click the checkbox(es) next to the message(s) you wish to delete. Click the red Delete button to remove it from your inbox.

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Badoo Favorites on Android

Clicking the Favorites feature from the Badoo home screen displays all the members you have marked as a favorite, whether you met them through Badoo search or the Encounters game. To open a profile, simply click on the entry and you can view their photos and other profile information.

How to Favorite a Badoo User on Android

To add someone to your favorites list, locate the Favorite icon on the member's profile. When it is lit, you have added them to your list for easy access.

How to Delete a Badoo User from Favorites

There are two ways to remove a member from your favorites list:

  • From a profile, click the Favorites icon to unhighlight it.
  • From the favorites list, click the Menu button on your Android device, and then click the checkbox(es) next to the member(s) you wish to delete. Click the red Delete button to remove the user(s).
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View Profile Visitors on Badoo for Android

By clicking the Visitors icon (second row, last column) on the Badoo home screen, you are able to view the most recent users to check out your profile. This is a great opportunity to message members who might share commons interests or who catch your eye but failed to message you.

To view a visitor, click on their image to view their complete profile.

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Instant Messaging on Badoo for Android

If you find a Badoo contact you wish to message, clicking the Chat icon from their profile will open a new instant message to the user. If they are online, they can respond in real time. Otherwise, it will be delivered in their Messages inbox for receipt later.

How to Use the Badoo Chat Feature

On Android, you are given the option of not only sending text-based messages to other Badoo users but can also use emoticons and share your location with others.

  • Clicking the icon left of the text field will allow you two options: "Request their location," or "Send your location," which use the GPS of your device.
  • Click the Menu item on your Android device and select View profile to see more information about the person you are chatting with.
  • You can block a Badoo user by clicking the Menu item and selecting the Block button in the lower right corner.