BeFunky Review

A Full Review of BeFunky, a Free Photo Collage Maker

Screenshot of a photo collage made using BeFunky
Collage Made Using BeFunky. © BeFunky, Inc.

BeFunky is a free photo collage maker that's not only easy to use but is full of awesome layouts and features.

You can create collages in fullscreen mode and make edits using BeFunky's online photo editor, all without having to log in to a user account.


  • Very natural interface, supporting drag and drop
  • No registration/account required
  • Dozens upon dozens of free collage layouts
  • Multiple photos can be uploaded simultaneously
  • Supports editing in fullscreen mode
  • Includes lots of free clip art images
  • Can share your collage after editing


  • Not all features are free to use

More About BeFunky

  • Unique collage layouts are available through BeFunky, such as holiday cards, Facebook covers, baby shower cards, and more
  • Images can be imported from your computer, Facebook profile, or BeFunky account
  • Any image from the collage, as well as the entire collage as a whole, can be edited using BeFunky's online image editor
  • The whole collage can be resized to any custom height and width, either by dragging the collage to a new size or entering custom pixel sizes
  • BeFunky is also available through a free mobile photo editing app
  • Text can be added to a collage and you can use BeFunky's fonts or the ones from your computer
  • A collage's background can be any color, left transparent, and adjusted so there's spacing between images and round corners on all the pictures
  • Over 80 images are available that you can use in the collage or as the collage's background by double-clicking them
  • There are tons of clip art images that you can add to any part of a collage, and even overlap them like you can in image editing programs that support layers
  • Using the Auto Fill feature will automatically take all your images and apply it to the collage to save loads of time dragging and dropping all your pictures around
  • When done editing, you can save your collage to your computer and/or BeFunky account as well as share it on Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Collages can also be printed using CanvasPop, making it easy to show your collage off in your home or office
  • BeFunky's features that aren't free are clearly marked with a blue star

My Thoughts on BeFunky

It's unfortunate that not every single feature and option on BeFunky are free to use, but there are still plenty of things that make it better than most other photo collage makers.

Something I especially like about BeFunky that separates it from some other similar websites is how it handles layouts. You can import images, adjust them how you wish, and then change the layout without having to re-import the pictures. It seems like it'd be a common feature, but I've used some online collage makers that didn't include this, so it's nice to see it here. I'll continue using BeFunky in the future when I want to make a collage.