Before You Choose a Digital Music Service

Streaming Music From Phone
Wireless Music Streaming.

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Before you start paying good money for your digital music and video downloads, you should first consider your online service requirements. Compare the pros and cons of each service, the types of content offered (audio, video, etc.), and what it's ultimately going to cost you. You'll also need to consider what music download services are compatible with your media/MP3 player if you have one. Essentially, find out as much as you can before you commit yourself — it could save you heaps of cash in the long run!

Decide What You Need: Downloads or Streaming?

The first thing to do when considering what digital music service to use is whether you are you going to stream or download. If streaming is your thing, then compare similar services to see which one gives you the best deal and offers what you're looking for.

If you prefer to download digital music then you'll need to consider the formats that a service uses, types of downloadable media you need (e.g. music, audiobooks, etc.), service availability, and last but not least, cost.

Popular Formats Used With Digital Music Services

File formats are an important factor to consider especially when you already own an MP3 player, or media player. If for example you own an Apple iPod, and download files in the WMA format then you will be frustrated by not being able to transfer them due to incompatibility problems. Likewise, choosing the iTunes service and downloading protected AAC files for an incompatible portable player will lead to frustration and waste your money.

Getting The Right Content

Choosing the right online download service that has the content you need is equally as important. If you just want digital music to download then almost all the media services can be used. However, if you've got a media player (PMP), or intend on purchasing one, then you'll probably want to choose an online service that offers music videos, movies, etc., for that ultimate multimedia experience.