7 Tips to Becoming a YouTube Star

YouTube star tips to increase your video popularity

A new YouTube star is born seemingly every day. You, too, can become a YouTube star with these tips for increasing your video network and video views.

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Become a YouTube Star With a Viral Video

Creating a viral video that everyone in the world watches is the fastest way to become a YouTube star. However, producing a viral video isn't easy or formulaic. Most YouTube stars create their viral videos by accident. You can go this route, but it may be tough.

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Build Your YouTube Network

Your YouTube friends and fans are the ones most likely to watch your videos. If you have a large network, your videos will be viewed and shared more, increasing your chances of becoming a YouTube star.

Build your YouTube network by reaching out to others who produce and watch videos on topics similar to yours. If you watch and comment on other people's videos, they may be more likely to return the favor and watch yours.

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Create a YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel gives you a place to introduce yourself and promote yourself as a YouTube star. Customize your YouTube channel content so it can be quickly found in searches.

When you update your channel regularly with new videos and content, you give your fans a reason to return often. This new content can build your following as a YouTube star.

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Optimize Your YouTube Videos

If you want to be a YouTube star, your videos need to be seen. And for your videos to be seen, they need to be found.

Optimize your videos with tags and descriptions that match what your fans are looking for to help you become a YouTube star.

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Meet Other YouTube Stars

Other YouTube stars can be some of the most helpful people if you want to become a star yourself. Find YouTubers who are popular and whose videos you admire. Engage them by friending, favoriting, and commenting on their videos.

In this way, you can develop relationships with stars who can offer advice and encouragement (and access to their networks) for building your own star power.

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Enter YouTube Video Contests

YouTube video contest entries generally get a lot of views. You may not win any prizes, but entering a video is a good way to win some new followers and fans, which every YouTube star needs.

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Follow the YouTube Rules

YouTube stars are careful about following YouTube's rules. They know that if they don't, they will be suspended from the site.

The main rules are to avoid are copyright violations in any of your uploaded videos and to play nicely with other YouTubers.

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