Becky! Internet Mail 2.60 Review

Becky! Internet Mail is extremely powerful, flexible and easy to use. Unfortunately, Becky! does not integrate a spam filter and lacks index search as well as automatic, self-learning email categorization.


  • Becky! has flexible message filters and templates as well as smart folders
  • Plug-ins for secure messaging using both OpenPGP and S/MIME
  • Becky! comes with many powerful, well thought-out features


  • Becky! does not include or integrate with a spam filter
  • Searching mail in Becky! could be faster
  • Becky!'s phishing alerts are not smart enough


  • Becky! Internet Mail manages multiple POP and IMAP accounts.
  • Versatile filter conditions (including regular expressions) and actions, flexible message templates.
  • Not only can you search Becky! flexibly, searches can also be saved to smart folders.
  • Becky! lets you receive and send HTML emails comfortably but with reasonable security.
  • A handy reminder function in Becky! lets you send yourself scheduled emails.
  • Becky! includes OpenPGP and S/MIME plug-ins for secure and private encrypted email.
  • Remote mail management directly at the POP server allows you to preview and delete mail quickly.
  • Becky! supports Unicode well and lets you store your messages on ​a USB stick, for example.
  • Becky! Internet Mail supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista/7.


To cut the story really short, Becky! Internet Mail is one of the best email programs.

Becky! Internet Mail comes packed with so many so powerful features that it's easy to miss some. The mailing list manager that helps you organize your subscriptions is a good example, and the nice reminder functionality that lets you but yourself with scheduled emails may be another.

Of course, Becky! has flexible filters (try creating a new one by holding down the "Alt" key while dropping a message onto a folder!), flags, labels, templates and smart folders to manage both incoming and outgoing mail efficiently. Becky! can thread messages and lets you choose from displaying them in plain text or (secure) HTML. Plug-ins for both OpenPGP and S/MIME allow you to transparently sign your emails or communicate with the protection of encryption.

If you don't like Becky!'s message editor (in spite of its qualities), you can define and liberally use any text or HTML editor. Becky!'s IMAP support is fast, reliable and usable.

Unfortunately, Becky's solid search engine does not use indexing to speed up wading through lots of mail. Becky! also does not include a spam filter, which isn't too bad given the many third-party tools that are available.