Took Bratz Into the Virtual World Site No Longer Active for Creating Virtual Bratz (c) MGA Entertainment was MGA's answer to Barbie Girls. In 2007, hot on the heels of Mattel's and virtual Barbie Girls came MGA Entertainment's, a similar concept. Very much like, you could create your own virtual Bratz character online, make friends with other online Bratz fans, decorate your personalized 3D space, play games and do other assorted activities.

Following the "virtual toy" trend that was growing in 2007, aimed to capture the online Bratz fan community, which was pretty sizeable if you consider the online Bratz forums at that time. Girls were able to join by purchasing a special necklace which comes along with a Bratz fashion doll. Here's more about Bratz dolls.

Be-Bratz Website No Longer Exists

Dolls were sold with a USB key to connect to the website. However, that website is no longer active and hasn't been since 2010. Access to the website was via the USB key provided in the package with the Be-Bratz doll.

On, the user could create a virtual world for her character and a social media site to interact with other users. First, she would create her character and customize it with the help of a Bratz personality quiz. Then they could create a personal MyPage and customize a 3-D room. This MyPage included a background and music. Activities on the site included a salon where they could design fashions, and a Game Zone to earn points that could be spent buying further items.

There was a texting option with parental controls, as well as live chat and webcam options. Reviewers found it to be relatively safe for ages 8 and up, but there were concerns about encouraging consumerism, sexualized attire and makeup for pre-teens, body image issues, and a focus on getting a boyfriend.

Be-Bratz Dolls and Accessories dolls are still available to purchase and might have collectible value in the years to come. If you are buying for collecting purposes, the fact that the USB computer connection no longer works won't be an issue. As of 2016, newly packaged dolls were selling for about the original MSRP or less on eBay.

Dolls that were available included:

  • Be-Bratz blonde (Chloe) dressed in pink with a cat
  • Be-Bratz brunette dressed in purple and white with a panda-like pet
  • Brunette Be-Bratz Sasha dressed in blue with a monkey-like pet
  • Brunette Be-Bratz Yasmin in pink and white with a panda-like pet

The doll package included a colored mouse and mousepad as well as a colored USB key that could be worn as a necklace on the included chain. Separately packaged speakers were also available for Be-Bratz, as well as a USB mini keyboard and a Be-Bratz webcam.

MGA was involved in a lawsuit with Mattel for many years over trademark and intellectual property issues. Ongoing lawsuits continued for many years with back-and-forth finding of fault and many appeals.