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Valentine's Day Wallpapers for All Your Devices

Valentine's Day wallpapers
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Add some romance and love to your screen with these beautiful valentine wallpapers that will fit your desktop, tablet, laptop, or phone screen. If you're looking for more of the best free wallpaper for Valentine's Day, be sure to check out red rose wallpapers and rose wallpapers. Plenty of other free flower wallpapers are available, too.

You'll also want to send one of these free Valentine ecards to let everyone know how much you love them.

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Inseparable by Vlad Studio

This lovely Valentine's Day wallpaper by Vlad Studio shows that the sun truly shines through everything when you are with the one you love. The center-focus makes this a great choice for a phone background. 

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I Heart U by WallpaperStock

This beautiful HD wallpaper features a message of love with a huge red heart right at the center. The crumpled paper style lends a subtle edginess to a classic theme. 

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Happy Valentine's Day by Wallpaperez

Anti-Valentine's Day fans will love this pointed Valentine's Day wallpaper, combining dark humor with a sharp wit. 

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Dozen Roses by Desktop Nexus

A close-up of a few of the dewy roses you may be getting for Valentine's Day is featured in this wallpaper. It may be classic, but most elegance is.

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When You Are In Love by Vlad Studio

Vlad Studio has designed yet another free wallpaper that really shows the spirit of what it's like to be in love. In line with others from the same studio, the central focus makes for a great phone background. 

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Conversation Hearts by Wallpoper

Conversation hearts are a staple for Valentine's Day and this wallpaper features a whole bunch of them. They might taste like sweet chalk, but the written word, not the flavor, makes the impact. 

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Happy Valentine's Day by VickyM72

This lovely wallpaper is simple yet gorgeous enough for anyone's desktop this Valentine's Day. Sometimes the easiest-to-look-at backgrounds are the best. 

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Chocolates by Desktop Nexus

A box full of chocolates is a Valentine's Day staple, and wrapping this beautiful background around your desktop is sure to put you in the spirit of the holiday. 

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I Love You by eWallpapers

This wallpaper has pink letters and hearts on a purple background. It is for someone who believes in the spirit but does not want to appear over the top. 

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Happy Valentine's Day by eWallpapers

A bright white heart with trailing flowers sits upon a red background with the words "Happy Valentine's Day." It has a modern feel, appealing to those who are electronically inclined. 

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Valentine by InterfaceLift

Here's a simple Valentine's Day wallpaper with pink and yellow hearts all on a pink background. As background, it conveys emotion without being obtrusive. 

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Valentine's Day by Wallpaperez

This free valentine wallpaper features a heart with wings with the words "Valentine's Day." It is edgier and could appeal to those who feel some of the other options are a bit too "soft."

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Robots In Love by Vlad Studio

Here's valentine wallpaper for all the robot fans out there, featuring a little bit of robot love. The love implied between these two might just short-circuit your lover's heart. 

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Love Fingers Wallpaper From Wallpaper Stock

This valentine wallpaper from Wallpaper Stock sure isn't your typical wallpaper. Two little finger people share a heart on a red background. It is cute, youthful, and timeless. 

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Love Roses by eWallpapers

A heart made of roses is the focus of this valentine wallpaper. The dramatic shading on the golden background suggests this wallpaper is for those who would not shy away from a little passion. 

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Love Fire by eWallpapers

This stunning valentine wallpaper features the word "Love" lit on fire. It is a not-so-subtle reminder of exactly how love should be. 

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Stone Red Heart by Wallpaper Stock

 A shiny red stone lays upon a rustic board in this free valentine wallpaper. Love should be strong, as represented here by a reflective stone heart. 

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Jelly Hearts from Wallpaper Stock

Jelly candy hearts in shades of red are sprinkled with extra fine sugar and places in a pink cupcake wrapper in this delicious and irresistible Valentine's Day background.

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Love! from Wallpaper Stock

This Valentine's Day wallpaper has a mauve pink background with a speech bubble that has a heart and exclamation mark inside. It's a minimalist wallpaper that would look great on any of your devices.