11 Free Easter Wallpapers

A List of the Best Free Easter Wallpapers

Guy watching an easter images on his digital tablet
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You'll find some great free Easter wallpapers on the list below that will brighten your computer desktop and get you ready to hop your way to Easter. The Easter wallpaper here will make you smile, laugh, and some will even have your stomach growling for Easter candy.

There are beautiful images of Easter eggs, chicks, flowers, bunnies, chocolate, and more. It's easy to download these free wallpapers and they'll make the perfect accessory for your computer, tablet, or mobile device this spring. 

There are also some lovely free spring wallpapers from the best free wallpaper sites that are also great for this time of year.

Find out how to change the wallpaper on your computer if you're not sure how.

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Eggs and Jellybeans Easter Wallpaper

Screenshot of an Easter wallpaper
© MSN Greetings

The Easter wallpaper "Eggs and Jellybeans" features plastic Easter eggs that have been cracked open to reveal a colorful rainbow of jellybeans.

You can download this Easter wallpaper in one size that you can adjust for any size monitor.

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Bright Easter Eggs Easter Wallpaper

Screenshot of an Easter egg wallpaper
© WallpaperStock

The Easter wallpaper "Bright Easter Eggs" by WallpaperStock features a beautiful collection of brightly colored Easter eggs.

You can download this Easter wallpaper in a wide variety of sizes for normal and widescreen monitors.

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Little Chicken Easter Wallpaper

Screenshot of a little chicken wallpaper
© WallpaperStock

The Easter wallpaper "Little Chicken" by WallpaperStock features a cute as a button Easter chick who's all ready for his close up.

This Easter wallpaper can be downloaded in several resolutions including 1024x768, 1152x864, and 1280x1024.

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Palomino Rabbits Easter Wallpaper

Screenshot of a rabbit wallpaper
© WallpaperStock

The Easter wallpaper "Palomino Rabbits" by WallpaperStock features a mama bunny with her two baby bunnies cuddling in a grove of daffodils.

You can download this Easter wallpaper in 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200.

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Sweet Easter Wallpaper

Picture of a chocolate Easter egg
© WallpaperStock

The Easter wallpaper "Sweet Easter" by Wallpaper Stock features a giant chocolate egg with the phrase "Happy Easter" carved into it, surrounded by more Easter candy and tiny flowers.

This Easter wallpaper can be downloaded in 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024, and 1600x1200.

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Hare Travel Easter Wallpaper

Wallpaper of two rabbits driving an egg
© WallpaperStock

The Easter wallpaper "Hare Travel" by WallpaperStock is a whimsical picture of two Easter bunnies driving an Easter egg car — it has quite the vintage feel to it.

This Easter wallpaper can only be downloaded in 1024x768.

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Happy Easter

Picture of a girl watching two baby chicks sit with Easter eggs
© DesktopNexus

A girl looks on as Easter chicks make a nest in this very cute Easter wallpaper.

This Easter wallpaper is available to fit whatever computer monitor size you have. After you choose the Enlarge Wallpaper button, you can then select Options to see all the other size options for different monitors.

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Easter Lily Wallpaper

An Easter lily wallpaper
© Brothersoft

This beautiful Easter lily has opened up just in time for Easter morning.

This free Easter wallpaper can be downloaded as a widescreen wallpaper in a variety of different sizes.

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Easter Eggs

Yellow and multicolored Easter egg wallpaper
© DesktopNexus

Pastel Easter eggs will fill your screen with this happy Easter wallpaper.

This free Easter wallpaper is made to fit whatever computer screen size you have.

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Closeup Easter Egg Wallpaper

Picture of several Easter eggs of different colors
© Latoro

Get up close and personal with these dyed Easter eggs in this free Easter wallpaper.

You can download this free Easter wallpaper in 1280x1024 for your fullscreen monitor. If you want this wallpaper in any other size, you could use an image editor to crop out the edges or resize the whole picture.

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Easter Joy

Colored Easter eggs and tulips

Desktop Nexus has a beautiful Easter wallpaper that features colorful Easter eggs along with spring tulips laying on a rustic wooden table. Bold colors like purple, red, yellow, blue, and green really make this wallpaper pop.

This Easter wallpaper automatically adjusts to fit your screen size perfectly. It will be great for your computer, tablet, laptop, or mobile device.

Screen Resolutions

Different monitors feature different maximum screen resolutions. The standard VGA resolution — 1024 by 768 pixels — will appear stretched and fuzzy if you set it as your desktop background on a widescreen high-resolution monitor.

Check out our tutorial on adjusting your screen resolution for more information about discovering, or modifying, the resolution of your monitor.