Be Careful With macOS Monterey on Older Hardware

Users report the new OS can brick iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro

If you're using an older piece of Apple hardware, like a Mac mini or a pre-silicon chip MacBook Pro, you might want to hold off on installing the newest macOS.

Multiple Mac users are reporting issues when trying to install macOS Monterey, with the process typically rendering their machine unusable (i.e., "bricking"). It seems something is going wrong with the post-installation restart process, causing some systems to simply give up on turning on at all. According to MacRumors, the problem seems to be affecting older machines like the Mac mini, iMac, and some models of the MacBook Pro.

macOS Monterey


For the time being, it seems as though this problem doesn't affect silicon-based Macs, which only go back as far as 2020 and all use Apple's M1 chip.

This doesn't mean you're in the clear if your Mac is from 2020, however, as some models still came with the Intel i9 chip. Before updating, it's suggested you look at the type of processor your Mac is using, rather than just the production year.

If you've installed macOS Monterey and now your Mac won't start, you can try to fix it by following Apple's Configurator 2 User Guide. If that doesn't work, some users have been able to get their computers back online by taking them into an Apple Store for maintenance.

If you're unsure if installing Monterey will affect your system, it might be best to wait for an update or two, just to be on the safe side.

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