BBM App for Android

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, is certainly one of the most popular features of BlackBerry phones, allowing users to message in real time on the secure “always-on” BBM network. With BBM on Android, however, you can do more than just chat. Share attachments like photos, voice notes, all in an instant. So you have the freedom to get your message across however you want. Here's how to get set up and using BBM on your Android device.

Step 1 - Download and Set Up

After you download BBM from Google Play, you will need to complete the setup wizard. As part of the setup, you are prompted to create a BBID or log in using an existing BBID. If you would like to set up a BBID before you download BBM, visit the ​BlackBerry website.

During the creation of your BBID, you will need to enter your age. This is not displayed anywhere, but simply used to apply appropriate age restrictions to some of the services and content available through BBM. You will also have to agree to the BBID terms and conditions.

Step 2 - BBM PIN

Unlike other instant messaging apps which use your phone number or email addresses as your identifier, BBM uses a PIN (personal identification number). When you install BBM on Android or iPhone, you will be assigned a new unique PIN.

BBM PINs are 8 characters long and randomly generated. They are totally anonymous and no one can send you messages in BBM unless they have your PIN, and you have accepted their request to add you to BBM. To find your PIN, tap your BBM picture or name and tap Show Barcode.

Step 3 - Contacts and Chats

You can add contacts to BBM by scanning a BBM barcode, typing a BBM PIN, or by selecting a contact on your device and inviting them to BBM. You can also access your social network to find and invite contacts to BBM.

To start a chat, tap the Chats tab to see a list of available contacts. Tap the name of the contact you wish to chat with and begin typing. You can add emoticons to messages by tapping the emoticon menu. You can also attach files to send within messages.

Step 4 - Chat History

If you want to save your chat history, you can do so quite easily. Unfortunately, chats you have had before turning on this feature cannot be viewed. To turn this on, open the Chats tab and tap the menu button on your phone. From the pop-up menu, tap settings. You should now see an option to turn Save Chat History on. If you do this while an active chat window is open, even if the content has been deleted, it will restore the history for that chat. If the chat window was closed prior to turning on Save Chat History, the previous conversation is lost. 

Step 5 - Broadcast Messages

A broadcast message can be used to cascade a single message to multiple users at once. When a broadcast message is sent, it does not open a chat for each user or track the delivery status. A recipient knows they have received a broadcast message because the text appears in blue.  

A broadcast message is different from a multi-person chat, which is also available on BBM for Android. In a multi-person chat, your messages are cascaded to all recipients at once, and everyone included in the chat can see responses from everyone else. While the chat is active, you can also see when members of the chat leave. A multi-person chat is also known as a group chat. 

Step 6 - Creating Groups

Creating a Group allows you to chat with up to 30 of your contacts at once, announce events, track to-do list changes and even share pictures with multiple people. To create a group, open the Groups tab and then tap More Actions. From the menu, select Create new group. Complete the fields to create the group. To see the groups that you're currently in, tap Groups.