How to Use Battery Saver Mode on Android

Boost your battery life

What to Know

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Power Saver Mode to toggle it on or off.
  • Tap Turn on at specified battery level and Turn off automatically to switch the mode on or off when the battery is at a certain percentage.
  • There's no harm in using Battery Saver mode, but you do lose features while it's activated, including GPS and background syncing.

This article teaches you how to use battery saver mode on an Android phone and set it up to activate automatically. 

How to Turn on Battery Saver Mode on Android 

Battery Saver mode is a valuable option if you need to stretch the battery life on your phone before reaching a power source to recharge it. It's simple to turn on too. Here's where to look.

Battery Saver mode is available on all Android phones with Android 5.0 OS and above, but the settings may look slightly different depending on the Android phone you own, such as be called Battery Saving mode or similar.

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Scroll down and tap Battery.

  3. Tap the toggle next to Power Saving Mode.

    Steps required to toggle on Power Saving Mode on Android

    Many phones will tell you how much extra battery life you'll gain for doing so. Alternatively, tap Super Power Saving Mode to extend life further.

How to Set Battery Saver Mode to Switch on Automatically

If you want to do more with Battery Saver mode than accept the standard power-saving settings, you can easily make some adjustments, including setting it to switch on and off automatically. Here's how it works.

Some settings may not be available on all Android phones, depending on their operating system version and the age of the phone.

  1. On the Battery screen, tap Power Saving Mode.

  2. Tap Turn on at specified battery level and toggle what percentage you wish it to switch on automatically.

    Steps required to toggle on power saving mode automatically on Android
  3. Tap Turn off automatically to switch Power Saving mode off when your battery reaches a certain percentage.

How Else Can I Adjust the Power Saver Mode?

Within the Battery settings, many phones come with other power-saving options. Here's where to look.

  1. On the Battery screen, tap App battery management.

  2. Tap an app you wish to tweak.

  3. Choose to toggle Allow foreground activity or Allow background activity to adjust how much the app uses your phone's battery life.

    Steps required to view manage individual apps and their battery usage on Android

    Some apps won't operate correctly if you stop them working in the background. 

  4. Tap Phone battery usage to see which apps are using the most power.

  5. Tap More battery settings to make further adjustments specific to your phone.

Is It OK to Turn on Battery Saver All the Time?

It's possible to leave Battery Saver Mode on at all times. Here's a quick overview of the pros and cons of doing so.

  • You gain extended battery life. If your day rarely involves being around a power source, your phone's battery will last a lot longer if you keep Battery Saver Mode switched on. 
  • You lose out on speed. Switching on Battery Saver Mode typically reduces your phone's performance temporarily, which means it'll run slower. It's up to you to decide if that's an irritant.
  • You may miss important emails. Switching off background sync is a crucial part of Battery Saver Mode. It means you may miss out on receiving emails in the background. Depending on your email needs, this could be a big issue.
  • GPS is unavailable. The other primary source of battery drain is having GPS switched on. Switch it off, and you won't be able to use Google Maps or track your walks or workouts.

Is Battery Saver Good or Bad for Your Phone?

There's no harm in using Battery Saver mode on your phone. It's a helpful feature you shouldn't rely on but can be beneficial to switch on from time to time. If you feel like you need to use it more often than before, you may wish to adjust how apps interact with the battery or consider replacing the battery or, more drastically, the phone.

Does Battery Saver Ruin Your Battery?

No. There's no risk to your phone's battery when you use Battery Saver mode. In some ways, it may even extend the battery's life as you aren't constantly recharging it. Ultimately though, you don't have to worry about it ruining the battery while using this battery-saving mode.

  • How do I turn off battery saver mode?

    To turn off battery mode manually on an Android device, go to Settings > Battery and toggle off Power Saving Mode.

  • How do I turn off power save mode on an iPhone?

    To turn off low power mode on an iPhone manually, go to Settings > Battery, then toggle off Low Power Mode.

  • How do I get an Apple Watch out of Power Save mode?

    On an Apple Watch, this feature is called Power Reserve mode. To turn off Power Reserve mode, you'll need to restart your Apple Watch. Press and hold the side button, then tap Power Off. Then, press and hold the side button again, and release it when the logo appears.

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