The 8 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus of 2020

Never get stuck with a dead phone battery again

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Best Battery Capacity: Pxwaxpy Battery Case for iPhone 6S Plus/6Plus

If you really want to take your phone’s battery life to new heights, the Pxwaxpy iPhone 6S Plus/6 Plus battery case has the biggest battery boost we found. Despite its slim profile, this battery case boasts a huge 8500mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 17 extra hours of talk time, 60 hours of music time, and 13 hours of video playback time. Like many of the other phone battery cases on our list, this case allows you to sync and charge without taking it off your phone.

It's also very easy to use — simply slide your phone into the battery case, and press the "ON" button at the bottom for three seconds to begin charging your phone. You can also use traditional lightning accessories and headphones with this convenient battery pack, and it protects your cell phone from scratches, dings, and other daily wear-and-tear. The Pxwaxpy Battery Case comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day hassle-free return service.

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Best Protection: Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus with Screen Protector

If you are interested in a battery case but also need to protect your smartphone’s screen, check out this bundle that includes the mophie juice pack and a ZAGG Invisible Shield GlassPlus Screen protector. This is the thinnest iPhone juice pack available from mophie, which helps maintain your phone’s slim profile while also providing over 14.5 hours of extra talk time before your battery dies. The rubberized support pads inside the case provide shock absorption to protect your phone from drops or falls, and built-in rubberized support pads help insulate your phone from everyday bumps.

When you charge your phone while the case is on, the iPhone 6 recharges first, and then the juice pack recharges itself. The standby switch allows you to choose when the case turns on, allowing you to save some power for later in case you really need it, and an LED power indicator gives you an at-a-glance reading of the juice pack’s battery levels and charging status. Plus, the included ZAGG screen protector shields your screen from dents and scratches.

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Best Value: PowerBear Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus

Get the extra power you need with the PowerBear iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus battery case. This high-capacity battery seamlessly attaches to your phone for a convenient, bulk-free way to take extra battery life with you wherever you go. For around $30, this Apple-certified battery case is a great value, especially since it is equipped with Smart Sync technology that allows you to sync your iPhone to your computer without removing the case and conveniently allows you to charge your phone and case simultaneously using the same cable. Just plug it in like you normally would and forget it, then get going the next morning with a fully-charged phone as well as a fully-charged 7200 mAh lithium polymer battery for tons of extra talk, text, and surfing time. Want to save the case's charge for later? It’s easy to turn on and off with a simple switch. The case protects the back and sides of your phone well and comes with a 24-month warranty so you can purchase it worry-free. 

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Best Budget: Stoon Battery Case for iPhone 6s Plus/6 Plus

If you’re interested in trying a battery case for your iPhone 6 or 6S and don't want to shell out too much cash, the Stoon iPhone 6S/6 Plus battery case is a great option. This powerful 7200 mAH Li-polymer rechargeable battery case provides a serious boost of power to your smartphone, adding up to 48 hours of talk time, 160 hours of music playback time, and 28 hours of video playback time. It’s easy to charge your phone and the battery case simultaneously, and this convenient case allows you to sync data with your laptop or other device and charge the phone without needing to remove the case. Four LED lights indicate battery level and the charge status of the case. Plus, this it boasts an ergonomic handheld design, internal high-quality chips designed to protect your phone from overheating, and reliable protection for your smartphone from dings, bumps, scratches, and other daily wear and tear (note – you’ll still need a separate screen protector to fully protect the screen). For the price, this battery case would make a great gift too. 

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Runner-Up, Best Budget: Aex Power Battery Case for iPhone 6S/6Plus

If you’re interested in doubling your phone’s battery life on a budget, the Aex Power iPhone 6S/6Plus Battery case is a great wallet-friendly choice. The 6800 mAh battery case provides up to 60 hours of audio, 24 hours of 3G talk time, 15 hours of video playback, 12 hours of web browsing, or 3 hours of 3D gaming to your iPhone 6 Plus or 6S. It also provides protection from drops and bumps from edge-to-edge, although you will need a separate screen protector if you want to fully protect your phone. Although this battery case comes at a great price and offers some serious extra power, please note that the case is not compatible with the Apple earbuds that come with the phone or other 3.5 mm headphones. However, you can use this case with Apple Airpod Bluetooth headphones or any other wirelessly connected accessories.

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Best Apple Brand Case: Apple Charcoal Gray Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S

If you are a dedicated Apple fan, this official Apple Charcoal Gray battery case is the way to go. While this official Apple product is quite a bit more expensive than the other battery cases on our list, you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues from either a technology-related or design standpoint. Adding this case to your iPhone 6 or 6S increases your talk time up to 25 hours, Internet use up to 18 hours (on LTE), and even longer for audio and video playback. Charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously for added convenience. The Smart battery case status is displayed on the iPhone lock screen as well as your notification center so you always know how much juice you have to spare. Plus, this battery case works with Apple’s Lightning accessories, including the Lightning to USB cable that comes with your phone or the iPhone Lightning Dock.

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Best Thin Case: Incipio offGRID Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S

If you’re into the idea of using a battery case but really want to avoid adding any extra bulk or changing your iPhone’s slim, stylish lines, the Incipio offGRID battery case for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S is a good choice. The ultra-thin battery case barely adds any bulk at all, and certainly not more than many other normal, non-charging protective phone cases. Despite its svelteness, this case conceals a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery fully-loaded with 3000mAh of power that provides up to 17 hours of additional talk time plus more than double the text, stream, and surf time too. Choose from black, white, coral pink, or violet to customize your look. Putting the case on your phone is literally a snap thanks to the user-friendly slim snap-on bumper. Plus, you can sync and charge simultaneously with the included cable. At less than $50, this discreet case won’t break the bank either. 

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Best Style: Mophie Juice Pack Battery Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus

If you spend any time browsing battery cases online, it’s clear that the mophie Juice Pack is one of the most popular brands available. It’s not hard to see why thanks to the subtle, slender profile, stylish color choices (including the coveted rose gold), and extra battery life these battery cases provide for a very reasonable cost.

This protective battery case is specially made for the iPhone 6 Plus/6S and allows you to charge on the go thanks to pass-through charge and sync. This means you won’t have to remove your Juice pack to charge and/or sync your smartphone, making it easier to get charged up and get going again. The built-in 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery provides up to 14.5 additional hours of talk time as well as 7.5 additional hours for web browsing, up to 8.5 additional hours of video playback, and up to a fantastic 48 hours of music playback. Can you imagine not having to charge your smartphone for a whole weekend? Game changer for sure – especially if you are taking a long weekend trip and forget your charger.