Top Basketball Games for Android

Whether you want to fill in the times between games during the NCAA Basketball Tournament or you just can't make it to the court, developers have created plenty of basketball themed games for your Android device. While everyone else is chasing Pokemon, you can dribble a basketball, check your brackets, or show your team pride. 

Here are three top picks, including both paid and free apps. AS there are only three picks, they are not ranked in any particular order. 

Basketball Dunk
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If you've ever visited a sports bar, you've probably seen (or played) the basketball machine game that challenges users to sink as many basketballs into the goal in under a minute. Many contests and challenges were spawned over this game, and now that the classic game has made its way to Android, you can show your skills and challenge your friends wherever you are.

Simply start the game and begin making as many shots as you can as the timer counts down to zero. But don't think that all you need to do is to randomly swipe your finger on the ball and expect to score high. You'll need to be accurate and find your rhythm if you want to impress your friends.

This is a great (free) game to pass some time and challenge your friends. More »

Before you read this review and download this game, I have to warn you that this game is very addictive. I am not sure how many meetings I have been late arriving to because I was trying to beat my high score.

Basically, you have 60 seconds to score 25 points earned by making shots from 5 different spots on the court. If you've seen the NBA All-Star game, you are familiar with the skills contest. This game does a great job in recreating this skills contest on your Android phone.

The graphics are solid and it really does take some "finger-skill" to sink a three-pointer. The game, I must again emphasize, is addictive and is a great game to play against others. More »

Okay, the graphics on this game are pretty simple, but its simplicity does not take away from its fun. With the ability to play several popular driveway basketball games, like "Horse, Around the World, P-I-G and Free-Play," Driveway Basketball Game is well worth the download.

There is a free version that is ad-supported and an ad-free version that currently runs $.99. Though this is only a single player game, you can play against others by seeing who can make the most shots in a row.   More »

Did I say three games? Here's a bonus app. EA's NBA Live Mobile offers fantasy basketball and connects to the NBA with daily challenges. The app is a free download with in-app purchases.  More »

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