Top Basketball Games for Android

Enjoy fast-paced basketball action on your smartphone

Basketball Dunk
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Whether you want to fill in the time between games during the NBA season or you just can't make it to the court, developers have created plenty of basketball-themed games for your Android device. While everyone else is chasing Pokemon, you can dribble a basketball, land spectacular dunks, or build a championship team.

These Android apps are all available at Google Play. 

All the apps below should be equally available no matter which company makes your Android phone, including Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

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'NBA 2K18'

Screenshot of NBA2k18 Android game.


"NBA 2K18" promises to be the most authentic NBA mobile gaming experience for Android to date, and the stunning graphics back up that claim. This version of the NBA 2K franchise is packed with new features including a more robust "MyCareer" mode, a multiseason mode that allows you to control a franchise's future, and enhanced gameplay controls that add sprint and rebounding capabilities.

The game's soundtrack, 2K Beats, is a mix of tunes from Future, Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas, and others.

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Screenshot of NBA Jame game for Android.


Can you say "Boomshakalaka?" If so, you may be "old school" and feeling the 90s nostalgia as you play this hot, hot, on-fire arcade basketball game. Jam with your favorite stars from all of the NBA teams. Play solo, with a single friend online, or go big and play multiplayer. Kaboom!

"NBA JAM" offers four modes of play. You can select a team and jump right into the game. Set your sights on beating all the other teams to win the championship. If you play hard, you'll unlock legends, hidden players, and cheats.

This game is huge (300MB+), so connect to the internet before you download it.

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'Stickman Basketball'

Screenshot of Stickman Basketball app for Android.


When you're ready for something different, fire up "Stickman Basketball" and enjoy the WBCBL teams. This fast-paced game has tons of action and lots of replay value. It has more than 115 teams and gives you the option of having full control over your players with manual running and shooting or using automatic mode. 

Play in "Party" mode with up to four players on one device or play multiplayer mode with up to four controllers. Smooth animations make this game a pleasure to view.

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'Basketball Shot'

Basketball Shot game for Android.


If you've ever visited a sports bar, you've probably seen (or played) the basketball machine game that challenges users to sink as many basketballs in the goal as they can in under a minute. Many contests and challenges were spawned over this game, and now that the classic game has made its way to Android, you can show your skills and challenge your friends wherever you are.

Start "Basketball Shot" and begin making as many shots as you can as the timer counts down to zero, but don't think all you need to do is randomly swipe your finger on the ball and expect to score. You'll need to be accurate and find your rhythm if you want to impress your friends.

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'Basketball Shots 3D'

Screenshots of Basketball Shots 3D for Android.

"Basketball Shots 3D" is addictive. Basically, you have 60 seconds to score 25 points earned by making shots from five different spots on the court. This game does a great job in recreating this skills contest on your Android phone.

The graphics are solid, and it takes finger skill to sink a three-pointer. Customize your avatar and court and challenge your friends. The game accommodates multiplayer competitions and leaderboards.

When you've got the basics down pat, try "Battle" mode. You can block your opponent's shots by putting your basketball in their path.

"Basketball Shots 3D" is a great game to play against others.

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'NBA Live Mobile Basketball'

Screenshot of NBA Live game for Android.


"NBA Live Mobile Basketball" app offers fantasy basketball and connects to the NBA with daily challenges. Choose your own team to dominate opponents and beat opponents in head-to-head matches to up your reputation.

Choose from several outdoors blacktop scenarios to play with no shot clock and no rules. Compete against NBA legends on blacktops from Brooklyn to Chico or Venice Beach. 

It requires an internet connection.

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'Flick Basketball'

Screenshot of Flick Basketball game for Android.


Combine your love of basketball and arcade games with "Flick Basketball." It's a simple game that requires you to shoot infinite basketballs to the hoop as fast as you can. Each shot that goes in earns points. The more points you get, the longer you can play. Win coins and add new basketballs to your collection.

The interface is an arcade-inspired rendition of a pop-a-shot arcade sports game. It sounds simple to play, and it is, but it takes skill to level up in the game. 

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'Slam Dunk Mania: Basketball'

Screenshot of Slam Dunk Mania game for Android.


When it's too hot to play basketball outside, move in with this Android app. Play "Slam Dunk Mania: Basketball" for points and unlock balls, stadiums, and uniforms. Use realistic physics to figure out how to best make amazing dunk shots. Make the game your own with unlimited customization.