Barb Gonzalez

Barb Gonzalez has specialized in "convergence" for more than 15 years, ever since the term for connecting computers to televisions was first bantered about. As digital cameras, mp3 players and digital video took over the media world, the desire to have home entertainment in our living rooms led to new solutions and devices. Barb's ability to explain technology simply became well known during her years working at "The Good Guys" electronics retail store. To reach a broader audience, Barb has written two books, "The Home Electronics Survival Guide," and "Home Theater Made Simple," which have been heralded by industry professionals and beginners alike. She has been dubbed the Simple Tech Guru for her ability to break down difficult technologies into simple terms.


After more than a dozen years in film and television production for such major studios as Columbia Pictures, Universal and Disney, Barb spent eight years in home-entertainment sales, installation and training. She used her knowledge of technology in writing two books and articles in leading electronics magazines -- Home Theater, Home Theater Design, Widescreen Review and Dealerscope, among others -- and online websites like Digital Trends and e-Gear. Barb has been a guest expert on national and internet radio, offering explanations and advice on home-entertainment technology. She has spoken on panels at the Consumer Electronics Show, as an advocate for simplifying technology and promoting the need for consumer education in marketing. In 2007, Barb wrote and appeared as an expert in a "Higher Definition Home Theater Experience" video, produced by Monster Cable and Disney Home Entertainment. She currently offers advice on devices on her blog, as well as updates on digital streaming and mobile entertaintment on her simpletechguru Facebook page.

Barb Gonzalez

Home-entertainment devices are toys for grown-ups. I am fascinated by computers and advancements that make it possible for me to view my photos on my TV, or watch a movie on my phone while I stand in line at the DMV. When I tell friends that I am writing about network media players, they cock their heads like confused puppies. Yet I know that they want to share their media on their TVs and home-theater speakers, and watch online movies on their big screens. It is my mission to help readers feel confident that they can create a connected home. I've been blessed with the gift of being able to look at new devices with a beginner's eyes. I can see what may be complicated to the average user and break it down to make it easier to understand. If you are still confused by any of my explanations or articles, I encourage you to comment or email me so I can further help you to get connected.

From Robert Silva: It is great to have Barb as a contributing writer on the Home Theater Site.

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