How to Ban Someone From a Facebook Page

If you are an admin, it's easy to ban someone (and unban them as well)

What to Know

  • You must be an admin of the Facebook page to ban and unban.
  • On Facebook page: Click Members tab > scroll to person > click three dots next to name > Block from group.
  • From member's post: Hover cursor over person's name > click three dots to right of profile card > Block.

This article explains how to ban someone from a Facebook page.

How to Ban Someone on a Facebook Page

Facebook's group management tools make it easy to add and subtract from your group's roster of members. Whether you're on a desktop computer or mobile device, you can manage who gets to take part in your profile and who will be left out of the conversation.

How to Ban Using the Members Page

As a page admin, you have a range of moderation tools at your disposal. If suspensions and activity limitations aren't enough to alleviate the issue, it takes a few mouse clicks to remove someone from the group.

  1. From the group page, select the Members tab to access the group's entire roster.

    Screenshot of the admin tools found on a group page.
  2. Once in the Members page, scroll to the individual you want to block from the page. Click the three buttons to the right of their profile listing and click Block from group.

    Screenshot showing how to block someone from a group.
  3. Confirm your selection to finish blocking the person.

How to Ban Someone from Their Post

In the event a person posts something so egregious that it warrants immediate action, you can block them directly from the post in question.

  1. Scroll to the offending post in question and click the three buttons at the top right and then select Remove post and block author.

    Screenshot of dropdown menu to ban someone from their post.
  2. A warning pop-up will confirm that you want to go through with removing that individual.

  3. From this screen, you can delete the last seven days of their activity in the group and/or block the user's future profiles.

    Screenshot of ban prompt on the Facebook page.

How to Ban Someone In the App

Scroll to the offending post and tap the three dots to the top right of the post. A menu will pop up from the bottom of the screen with a long list of options. Select Delete post and block user. Then, you will be brought back to the page with a pop-up window confirming you want to block that person from the page.

How to Unban Someone from a Facebook Group

Sometimes a person makes good and is willing to play by your group's rules. If that's the case, you can always unban and unblock them from your page.

Unbanning on the Website

From the group page, select the Members tab to access the group's entire roster. To the right on the Members page is the list of blocked individuals. Click on the Unblock button next to the appropriate user and confirm you want to bring them back into the group.

Screenshot of Unblocking a person on Facebook.

Unbanning via Mobile Device

While on your group's main page, tap on the Members option to see the whole roster of users. Once there, tap on the Blocked button to see all blocked individuals. Then, find the correct person you'd like to bring back into the group and tap Remove block. You will have to confirm your selection.

  • How do I ban someone from a Facebook Business page?

    Go to the page's settings and select People and Other Pages, then find the person or page you want to ban and select the box next to their name. Select Ban From Page, then confirm your choice.

  • Can I block someone from a Facebook page if they haven't liked it?

    Yes, you can preemptively block users from a page without them liking it first. Open Page Settings and select People & Others, then select Banned People & Pages from the drop-down menu. Select +Ban a Person and enter their account URL. Save to add them to your page's block list.

  • Can someone appeal a Facebook ban?

    It might be possible to plead your case to a page admin or other people in the group if you believe the ban was unwarranted, but if the answer is still "no" you should respect the decision. If you've been banned by Facebook itself and you think it's undeserved, request a review of the flagged content.

  • How do I block someone on Facebook Messenger?

    It's a fairly simple process to block someone on Facebook Messenger, but be aware that a Messenger block is not the same thing as a Facebook block. Somebody who's blocked on Messenger will not be blocked on Facebook unless you manually block them there, too.

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