Baidu Antivirus 2015 - Free Antivirus Review

Screenshot of Baidu Antivirus 2015 v5.4.3 in Windows 7
Baidu Antivirus 2015 v5.4.3. © Baidu, Inc.

Update: The latest release of Baidu Antivirus is hardly a current one, so I do not recommend using it as your primary AV program. It might still be fine for downloading once and using for a malware scan, but don't use it as your sole virus fighter. If you're currently using this program, look through my list of better antivirus programs for a replacement.

Baidu Antivirus 2015 is a great free antivirus program due mainly to the fact that while its design is simple and easy to use, the program itself is rich in features.

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  • Automatic program and definition updates
  • Scheduled scans
  • Quick install
  • USB flash drive protection
  • Detects malicious website links
  • Context menu integration
  • Light on system resources
  • Includes an anti-hacker firewall
  • Game/silent mode is supported
  • Specific program changes can be password protected


  • No email scanner


  • Baidu Antivirus 2015 automatically scans file downloads and USB devices for viruses as well as webpages for phishing attempts
  • Works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • The quarantine sandbox can run files and programs in a protective shell that doesn't have access to your computer, which is one method for testing a program you think or know is malicious
  • Prevents malicious programs from altering your browser
  • Every file download can be automatically scanned by Baidu Antivirus 2015 or you can choose to only scan executable files and archive files
  • The auto-play feature can be disabled so USB devices don't automatically launch programs
  • Includes a built-in anti-keylogger, webcam protection, file shredder, and an option to automatically remove any threats it detects
  • The same scanning engine performed by the Avira antivirus software can be enabled in Baidu Antivirus for real-time protection
  • Particular files, any file extension, and any file smaller than a specified size can be excluded from scans
  • Baidu Antivirus 2015 protects drivers, the Windows Registry, and critical system locations in addition to file downloads
  • Hassel-free/silent mode in Baidu Antivirus can be enabled to suppress pop-ups, limit Internet usage, and delay scheduled scans. This can be enabled manually or set to turn on based on your computer activity
  • The antivirus engine can be adjusted among Low, Normal, and High for anywhere from quick to deep detection of suspicious files
  • A virus scan can check all files or just documents and executable files
  • Toolbox is a portion of Baidu Antivirus 2015 that includes things like a malicious plug-in cleaner, private Internet browser tool, system repair utility, ad blocker, and browser homepage protector
  • A scheduled scan can be set to run a quick scan or a full scan, and even automatically disable itself when your computer is running on battery
  • Baidu Antivirus 2015 includes a traffic monitor to view a live list of programs using the network. It displays the program's upload/download speed and lets you close the program as well as block its network access

My Thoughts on Baidu Antivirus 2015

My initial thoughts about Baidu Antivirus 2015 were overwhelmingly positive simply because it installed in less than 10 seconds! This is much quicker than the majority of similar products.

One great feature is the quarantine sandbox. You can open any file or program this way by simply right-clicking them and choose the appropriate option from the menu. Doing this will let you open viruses (or files you think are malicious) without giving them the ability to affect your computer.

I like that Baidu Antivirus protects not only against threats from USB devices but also from phishing attempts. You don’t normally see webcam protection in an antivirus program, so it’s nice that Baidu Antivirus 2015 includes this feature, too.

The traffic monitor is a really nice addition to Baidu Antivirus 2015 because if you suspect a program may be malicious or is simply using too much bandwidth, you can view it in Windows Explorer, abruptly shut it down, or even block it from the network.

Baidu Antivirus' password protection feature can be setup to prompt for a password if a specific task is attempted to run, such as changing program settings, disabled defenses, exiting the software, and/or uninstalling the program, among others. This is really useful to prevent viruses (or other users) from disabling Baidu Antivirus.

In addition to the above, I like that you can customize the settings such that one of a dozen images can display as the background for Baidu Antivirus, as well as automatically scan downloaded executables, compressed files, every file, or nothing.

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