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Sign In to Badoo

Badoo Mobile Sign In
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Whether you want to save room on your smart device or you use an older cell phone with access to mobile Internet access, Badoo's mobile web site is a great way to meet new people without even downloading an app. After you create your Badoo registration, you are ready to sign in to the mobile website to begin chatting with new friends.

How to Login to Badoo for Mobile Web
Grab your phone or smart device and follow these easy instructions to start chatting:

  1. Open your mobile web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL:
  3. Click the "Sign in with Badoo" link.
  4. Type in your account email and password.
  5. Press the blue "Sign in" button to continue.

If you have difficulty signing in, you may have incorrectly typed in your email address or password. Click the "Forgot Password" link to reset your account password by following the prompts.

How to Login with Facebook Authentication
Bypass the creation of a free Badoo account online by using your own Facebook account to sign in to the mobile website. Click the "Facebook Connect" link and follow the prompts to login.

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Features on Badoo for Mobile Web

Badoo Mobile Web Home Screen
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Once you sign in to Badoo's mobile web site, you can begin using the variety of features available to you on the chat and social networking service. Most features work the same way as the website and smart phone apps, while others are simplified for older mobile phones.

Here is a quick rundown of the Badoo home screen on the mobile website:

  • People Nearby. Clicking this feature will allow you to see all the Badoo members nearby, plus search filters to find the types of friends or dates you are looking for directly.
  • Encounters. The Encounters game is a fun way to browse through local users quickly in an exciting, Hot-or-Not-styled feature.
  • Profile. This is the first point of contact between you and the rest of the Badoo community. Fill out your profile, complete with pictures and information, to make the best first impression and meet new people.
  • Messages. This folder is where your incoming and read messages are stored, until deleted.
  • Visitors. Check out this list to see who has been peeking in on your profile. A great way to meet potential matches for friendship, dating and activities.
  • Like You. When you like a pick on the Encounters game, they will be placed on this list until you delete them.
  • You Like. Want to see who liked you on the Encounters game? This list will display your most recent likes if you have Super Powers enabled.
  • Mutual. In situations where you and another Badoo user like each other, you will both appear in each other's Mutual list. Your chances of forming a good platonic or romantic relationship are better if you find a match on this list.
  • Favorites. When you favorite a profile, that member will automatically appear on this list.
  • Blocked. Want to see who you blocked from contacting you? This list will show you those you have chosen not to be contacted by in the future.

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How to Use the Profile on Badoo for Mobile Web

Badoo for Mobile Web Profile
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

The Badoo for Mobile Web profile is where other users will learn more about you, your interests, view your photos and more. For the profile owner, it is also the nerve center for where photo management and where you can sign out of the service's mobile website.

How to Complete Your Badoo for Android Profile
A full profile fosters more opportunities to meet new friends and dates on this and other chat or social networking services. Click the "Edit" link for each of these sections to amend and complete your profile:

  • Today I want: In this section, you can define who you are looking for, including activity (e.g., "I want to see a movie with..."), gender and age ranges.
  • Basic info: Herein, you can set your name as you wish it to be displayed and age.
  • Interests: This is where you can tell people about the things you like, such as hobbies, types of music or entertainment, and more.
  • Personal info: In this area, users can share more personal information, including:
    1. Location
    2. About Me/Profile Essay
    3. Relationship Status
    4. Sexuality
    5. Appearance
    6. Living Situation
    7. Children
    8. Smoking Preferences
    9. Drinking Preferences
    10. Education
    11. Languages Spoken
    12. Career Information
  • Privacy. In this section, you can opt to share your distance in miles with other users on the Badoo service.

From the profile, you can also enable Super Powers or purchase additional Badoo Credits to enable additional features.

How to Add Photos to Your Badoo Profile
To add new pictures and images to your profile, click the "Photos" tab and then press the "+" square to add additional photos from Facebook or via upload from email or text messaging/SMS.

How to Edit Your Account Password
To change your Badoo account login, click the "Settings" tab and then click the "Edit" link in the password field to change the sign in info.

How to Sign Out of Badoo for Mobile Chat
Click the "Settings" tab and then press the blue "Sign out" button to exit from the service and prevent access to your account on your phone or mobile device.

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How to Use Badoo Search

Badoo Search for Mobile Web
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

On Badoo for Mobile Web, the "People Nearby" feature acts as a way to search for new friends and possible dates via your mobile web browser. When you first click the People Nearby link, you will see a screen with the members closest to your current location.

To search for a more specific set of people, click the "Filter" link at the top of the screen, and click the radio buttons or checkboxes next to each option, including:

  • What activity you wish to fulfill (ex. see a movie)
  • The gender or genders of the matches
  • Age range (from least to greatest)
  • Location (nearby or specify a city

Once you have set your preferences, click the blue "People nearby" button to continue. To view a search result, click their photo to open their profile.

For a more robust advanced search function, check out the full Badoo search online where you can add three of your own demographic filters.

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The Encounters Game on Badoo Mobile Website

Badoo for Mobile Web Encounters Game
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Beyond the Badoo search on the mobile website, the Encounters game is another great way to meet new friends and dates, activity partners and people to chat with. Under the "Encounters" link, this feature is a Hot-or-Not style feature that lets you browse through the profiles of other Badoo users.

How to Play, Use Encounters
To begin meeting new people right away, click the Encounters icon from the home screen of your app and get started now:

  1. Browse through the first Encounter, clicking the left and right arrows to view additional photos (if they exist), the user's name, age, location, and who they are looking for.
  2. Make a decision. Do you want to meet them? Press "Yes," "No," or "Maybe."
  3. Your next Encounter will load automatically. Repeat.

Click the "View profile" link at the bottom of the screen to view more information.

Define Your Perfect Encounters
If you would like to specify the type of person you'd like to meet in Encounters, click the "Filter" link at the top of the screen, then set your preferences on:

  • Desired activity (ex. go to the movies)
  • Match gender(s)
  • Age range (least to greatest)

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How to Use Badoo Messages on Mobile Web

Badoo mobile web messages
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Checking for messages on Badoo's mobile web is simple. Press the "Messages" link from the home screen to access your inbox. The Messages inbox is where all incoming and sent messages are delivered and stored, until deleted.

How to Open a Message on Badoo
To chat with someone who has sent you an instant message, press the message. You are now able to send a response, share your location and more.

How to Delete a Message on Badoo
To remove a message from your inbox, press the "Edit" link and then click the checkbox(es) next to the message(s) you wish to delete. Click the red "Delete" button to remove it from your inbox.

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Badoo Favorites on Mobile Web

Badoo mobile web favorites
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

Clicking the "Favorites" link from the Badoo mobile web home screen displays all the members you have marked as a favorite, whether you met them through People Nearby or the Encounters game. To open a profile, simply click on the entry and you can view their photos and other profile information.

How to Favorite a Badoo User on Mobile Web
To add someone to your favorites list, locate the "Favorite" icon on the bottom of the member's profile. Click the icon to add them to your list for easy access.

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View Profile Visitors on Badoo for Mobile Web

Badoo Visitors on Mobile Web
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

By clicking the "Visitors" icon (second row, last column) on the Badoo mobile web home screen, you are able to view the most recent users to check out your profile. This is a great opportunity to message members who might share commons interests or who catch your eye, but failed to message you.

To view a visitor, click on their image to view their complete profile.

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Instant Messaging on Badoo for Mobile Web

Badoo Messages on Mobile Web
Screenshot Courtesy, 2012 © Badoo

If you find a Badoo contact you wish to message, clicking the "Chat" icon from their profile will open a new instant message to the user. If they are online, they can respond in real time. Otherwise, it will be delivered in their Messages inbox for receipt later.

Type your text in the field provided and click the blue "Send" button to complete your instant message.