How to Blur the Background In Skype

Use the Blur My Background feature for a more professional backdrop

One of the benefits of Skype is that you can make video calls anywhere, provided you have an adequate internet connection. But a messy room or busy coffee shop is not the most professional-looking backdrop for a professional video chat.

While you might not be able to change the location from which you are calling, you can make your surroundings a bit less distracting. Learn how to use the background blur feature in Skype to make your video calls appear more polished.

These instructions apply to Skype (version 8) on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Skype for Windows 10 (version 14).

What Is Background Blur?

Background blur is available on most desktops and laptops with an up-to-date version of Skype. The tool works in real time during your video call. When you use the background blur setting, your backdrop will be softened and slightly fuzzy, helping your contact focus on you and not your cluttered office or the people sitting behind you.

Although this feature works well most of the time, Skype does not guarantee that your background will always be blurred when you enable this setting.

How to Blur Background in a Skype Video Call

You can only enable the background blur setting when your video call is in progress.

  1. Start Skype and log-in if prompted.

  2. Click Start a Conversation.

    Skype Start a Conversation screenshot
  3. Click on the name of the contact with whom you want to connect. Alternatively, search for the name of the person you want to call.

  4. Start a video call with your contact.

  5. Hover over the Video icon.

  6. Click the Blur My Background toggle switch that appears to turn on the Skype feature.

Your background will instantly be subtly blurred. You can toggle the switch off again at any time if you wish to sharpen the background once more.

Skype software uses AI to detect human forms including hair, arms, and hands, so you are free to move or gesture during your Skype video call and the background will remain softly blurred.