How to Back Up Your Opera Mail Messages and Settings

The backup is for getting your emails back, of course, up and running when they get lost. First, you have to find your way to the files to copy.

In Opera, finding the files and folders to copy for a backup of all your email accounts, settings and messages is easy.

Back Up Your Opera Mail Messages and Settings

To create a backup copy of your Opera email:

  1. Select Help.
  2. Select About Opera or Opera | About Opera from the menu in Opera.
  3. Look for Mail directory under Paths.
  4. Close Opera.
  5. Open the folder you found under Mail directory in Windows Explorer, Mac OS X Finder or your favored Linux file manager.
  6. Go up one level, typically to the "Opera" folder.
  7. Copy the entire mail folder to the desired backup location.
    1. You can use an online backup service, for example, a network location, a separate hard disk or a removable storage medium, of course.