How to Back Up or Copy Your Windows Mail Address Book

It's better to lose your friend's email address than losing the friend. But then a friend you cannot reach (and who has grown accustomed to your emailing them first so they think you have abandoned them after you have lost all your emails and address book information) is a tragedy, too.

Fortunately, you can make a backup copy of your Windows Mail address book — just so you are safe, never think about losing your data and consequently never losing your data.

The copy is also great for migrating your Windows contacts to a new computer, of course.

(I have made all of this sound a bit complicated and involved so the ease of the process itself will surprise you.)

Back Up or Copy Your Windows Mail Address Book

To create a copy of your Windows Mail address book (also known as Windows Contacts):

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  • Select Tools | Windows Contacts... from the menu in Windows Mail.
  • Press Ctrl-A. Make sure all items in the address book are highlighted.
  • Now press Ctrl-C.
  • Open the desired backup location in Windows.
  • Press Ctrl-V. Make sure all items from the address book appear.

Windows Easy Transfer

When migrating to a new computer, you can also use Windows Easy Transfer to move all your Windows Mail data — including messages, settings, and contacts.

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