How to Back Up or Copy Eudora for Windows Mailbox Files

Eudora screenshot

If you make backup copies of your Eudora mailbox files, you are prepared in the case of an emergency and can restore your important messages.

Back Up or Copy Eudora Mailbox Files

To make backup copies of your Eudora mailboxes:

  • Go to your Eudora folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Highlight all files with the extension ".mbx", the file "descmap.pce" as well as all folders with names ending in ".fol".
  • Select Edit > Copy from the menu to copy the files and folders.
  • Now go to the folder where you want to keep the backup copy of your Eudora mailbox files.
    • Preferably, this folder is on another hard disk, a DVD, a network drive, ZIP drive or another remote medium.
  • Select Edit > Paste from the menu.

That's it, your backup copies are ready — ready to be recovered when you need them.