The 5 Best Baby Apps for Dads in 2020

Track baby information, help your infant learn, or even keep watch from afar

A father hold his baby and looks at a cell phone screen.

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Being a new Dad is tough. You're sleep deprived, trying to support your partner, and of course suddenly in charge of a tiny human who depends on you. These apps can help make the transition a little bit easier.

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Best for Bite-Sized Advice: Quick Tips for New Dads

Quick Tips for New Dads is open on an iPhone.
What We Like
  • Tons of great tips.

  • Built by Dads for Dads.

  • Guides and checklists make it easy to prepare.

What We Don't Like
  • Only available for iOS.

  • Only short tips, nothing in depth.

Getting acclimated to a new baby isn't an easy task. There is a lot that goes into caring for a tiny human, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet. That's where the Quick Tips for New Dads app comes in.

This app is built just for new Dads and is filled with easy tips on what you can expect during everyday activities like diaper changes, and baths. It includes over 250 quick tips, including ones that fellow new dads have submitted to the app. There are 11 guides that help you to prep for everything from your hospital go bag, to sterilizing a bottle. The checklists also make it easy to ensure you have everything you need for trips out and about or preparing your home for the day when the baby comes home. If you find yourself returning to the same tips time and again, you can even add all of your favorites into a list that is easy to find in a pinch.

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Best for Tracking: Baby Manager

Baby Manager screenshots are displayed.
What We Like
  • Add all your children in one place.

  • Dedicated charts let you keep track of all your baby's info.

  • Share baby's information with your partner.

What We Don't Like
  • Some of the best features are stuck behind a paywall.

  • Activities and logging are limited with the free version.

Babies are a lot of work, and in the early days, there is a ton of information you will want to track. Everything from when your baby feeds — and for how long — to how much they grow week to week. Baby Manager works to be the one place where all that information is logged so you have access whenever you need it.

While Baby Manager is free to download and use, many of the best features are locked behind a paywall. If you prefer the free version you can still log your baby's information, but you'll be limited to only 5 activities and 3 days worth of logging. The good news is you still get access to the forum where you can ask questions, or scroll through others' questions and replies.

Picking up the full version of the app is worth the $4.49 price tag. You can track 11 different activities including walks, and medications. With the log you can see how much your baby eats, sleeps, the number of diapers they go through each day and even changes in weight. These are all important stats your pediatrician will ask about, and with Baby Manager, it's easy to track all in one place.

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Best for Helping Baby Learn: Baby Sparks

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What We Like
  • Milestones are broken down by type, not just by age.

  • Articles deliver more in depth information.

  • The Progress summary shows how your child is developing.

What We Don't Like
  • Many activities are locked behind a monthly subscription paywall.

  • Available activities may not remain useful for more than a few months.

Your new baby is constantly learning and developing, even as a tiny infant. That won't last forever though, and Baby Sparks aims to help your child develop to their full potential through activities that are fun and help them to learn at the same time.

Baby Sparks is all based around the milestones for your child's age. After you set up the app, you'll get a daily program with several activities, as well as access to milestones, articles, and materials you may need for the activities listed. You can also see your child's progress within the app.

One of the few drawbacks to Baby Sparks is the associated cost. You get access to milestones, articles, and materials for free. However to access all of the activities you'll need to pick up a subscription which costs $4 a month, $24 a year, or a one-time payment of $38.

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Best for the Gajillion Photos You'll Take: Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans screenshots are shown.
What We Like
  • Unlimited photo storage.

  • Organize photos into albums or use the calendar.

  • You have full control over who can see what photos.

What We Don't Like
  • Steep subscription fees for Premium.

  • Premium required to download all photos at once.

Taking photos of your children, especially when they're tiny and adorable is a no-brainer. However many new parents struggle with how much they want to share through social media and lack a better way to share photos with close friends and family. Tiny Beans is a dedicated photo app that gives you full control over who gets to see your bundle of joy and lets you organize your photos as they happen.

Tiny Beans is broken into five different sections:

  • Cards give you access to articles and how-to content for using the app effectively.
  • Albums are your own collections of photos and often are multiple photos of a single day.
  • Calendar lets you can add photos as they happen and remember when they were taken even if you are seriously sleep deprived.
  • Activity is where you will see notifications from friends and family reacting to photos you have shared.
  • People is where you invite the people who need to see photos of your bundle of joy!

While most Tiny Beans features are available through the free version, you can access additional features by opting into a premium membership. It'll cost you $8 a month, or $50 a year and lets you upload high res photos, save videos up to 5 minutes long, get rid of ads, and even save certain memories just for you and your partner to view.

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Best for Keeping An Eye on Baby: Baby Monitor 3G

Screenshots of Baby Monitor 3G are shown.
What We Like
  • You don't need to buy additional hardware.

  • App costs considerably less than a baby monitor.

  • Access to live video, audio and pictures.

What We Don't Like
  • Mic sensitivity can pick up white noise and think your child is awake when they are not.

  • Video sometimes stutters when using data instead of Wi-Fi.

Keeping an eye on your baby can sometimes be easier said then done. When you lay them down for a nap or bedtime leaving the room can be very difficult. It does get easier if you can keep an eye on them with a baby monitor, but those can be quite costly for new parents. Baby Monitor 3G lets you use smartphones, or tablets to turn devices you already own and use into a connected baby monitor.

Baby Monitor 3G uses two devices connected by 3G or Wi-Fi to create a connected monitor. One device is placed in the baby's room to keep an eye — and an ear — on them, while the other stays with you, wherever you are. You can enable video, listen to movement, and even speak to your baby if you're in the kitchen prepping a bottle when they wake up. It even includes an activity mode that lets you know if your child is waking and moving around while you are making dinner.

Baby Monitor 3G costs a one-time fee of $4.99 to download, but considering how much video-enabled baby monitors can cost, this is a serious saving. It also allows multiple devices to watch the baby over Wi-Fi or 3G so if you or your partner is at work, you can still peek in and check on your baby!

If you're using Baby monitor with your mobile data, unless you have an unlimited plan, it could get costly. Be mindful of the amount of data you're using when you're not on Wi-Fi.