Ayaneo’s New 2S and Geek S1 Could Seriously Compete With Steam Deck and Ally

The specs are strong with this one.

Chinese gaming giant Ayaneo is back with a new handheld console set to rival the Asus ROG, the Nintendo Switch, and similar devices. 

The forthcoming Ayaneo 2S offers some serious improvements over the prior release, the Ayaneo 2. Most of these improvements are underneath the hood, as this thing has plenty of horsepower for playing AAA games. It is outfitted with an AMD Ryzen 7000 chip that looks similar to the one featured in the recently-teased Asus ROG Ally handheld console. The chipset also features a Radeon 780M mobile graphics processor. 

Ayaneo 2S


With a chip designed to play modern games, the device needs a workaround for heat, which the Ayaneo 2S does via a three-pipe cooling system. The company also announced during a one-hour video presentation that the handheld would feature an improved fingerprint sensor, a more colorful display, smoother trigger buttons, and a newly-designed case.

There have also been rumors that you will be able to easily swap out the motherboard to improve performance down the line, just like a regular PC.

This is not the only portable console on the horizon for Ayaneo. It also showed off the Ayaneo Geek 1S, a stripped-down version of the 2S.

Both consoles will debut on Indiegogo by the end of the month and officially go on sale in mid-May, shipping at the end of June.

Ayaneo promises a complete redesign of its Windows-mounted storefront in time for both launches. The company has yet to offer a price for the 2S, but leaks indicate that the Asus ROG Ally with similar specs will cost $700 when it launches. 

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