Avoid Sunburns with These UV-Sensitive Gadgets

Never Forget to Apply SPF Again with the Help of these Wearables.


The summer sun is nice and all, but as your mom has probably told you countless times, you need to be protecting yourself with a generous layer of sunscreen! Luckily, we live in a world where there are gadgets to let you know when you need to apply a fresh layer of SPF. Read on to learn more about some wearables that could do your skin a favor (and save you from a painful sunburn).

Some of these devices even help you get enough light to ensure your vitamin D levels are optimal. While these gadgets might seem like a recipe for a sunburn, they differentiate between different kinds of light.


Named after a summer month and billed as “your new beauty coach,” this product is the most ​stylish of the bunch. It costs $129 and comes in three color options (platinum, gold, and gunmetal), pulling double-duty as a UV monitor and a chunky bracelet. With both UVA and UVB sensors, JUNE tracks your sun exposure, with a meter displaying how close you are to your daily “sun dose” (calculated based on your skin type and the current UV level.

There’s also a companion app, which shows you the current UV index and reminds you to apply more sunscreen.


The clip-on, activity-tracker-style SunSprite takes a slightly different approach to tracking your sun exposure, asking, "Did You Get Enough Light Today?" The idea behind this product is that light has been shown to improve insomnia and depression, and the wearable monitors the brightness of any given atmosphere, letting you know if you're in an area that could benefit your health. SunSprite also displays your progress toward a daily exposure goal.

While this whole concept might seem counterintuitive in a post about wearables that protect against sun damage, note that SunSprite discriminates between various types of light, and the device would indicate that you reached your daily exposure quite quickly if you were to linger out in the sun in the middle of the day.


Another clip-on wearable, Violet (from the company Ultra) monitors your UV exposure and helps you attain an "optimal sun balance" to get essential vitamin D without doing damage to your skin. The companion app lets you further personalize the device's recommendations by specifying your skin type and the level of SPF in the sunscreen you use. As a nice touch, Violet is waterproof, so it's an ideal companion for a long summer day spent on the beach.

Currently, Violet is available for pre-order for $99, which is significantly lower than its future retail price, $129. The wearable is slated to begin shipping in August 2015.


Unlike other wearables on this list, the CliMate does more than just measure light exposure; true to its name, it's a veritable weather center. The cute, cloud-shaped clip-on gathers information about humidity and temperature in addition to the UV index. The companion CliMate app (for Android and iOS) pairs these stats with info on your skin type and SPF level to deliver you a "red alert" when you need to apply more sunscreen. Originally launched as a project on Kickstarter, the CliMate is currently available for $59 on Amazon in a variety of colors.