Apps to Avoid Drunk Texting and Posting

Woman drinking cocktail in a bar

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Ever drunk email an ex and then regret it the next morning? Google employees used to have a great solution called Mail Goggles.

Mail Goggles was a Gmail Labs tool that gave you a sobriety check before you send Friday night emails. Instead of checking for "beer goggles," (when everyone suddenly looks more attractive) it checked for mail goggles — when sending that email at 3:00 am sounded like a really great idea. Mail Goggles is no more, but there are plenty of solutions you can use instead. 

Alternatives to Mail Goggles 

Currently, the best alternative to hasty emailing is a feature called "Undo Send." It was previously in Google Labs but graduated to feature status. You can enable it by going to Gmail: Settings.

When Undo Send is enabled, you have a few extra seconds to undo any Gmail message after you've already pressed the send button. This is especially handy for hasty emails, angry emails, or the occasional typo. Will Undo Send be enough to prevent you from sending a drunk email? If you're in doubt, there are some great alternatives in Google Play. 

Drunk Blocking Apps in Google Play

As long as you don't sit at your computer composing inebriated emails and rely on your phone instead, there are a couple of great apps to save you from yourself. 

Drunk Locker 

Drunk Locker is a total solution. Rather than just blocking Gmail, you can use it to block Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, SnapChat, and pretty much any other social media app that could get you into big trouble. You can also block shopping apps like Amazon and Paypal to avoid your drunk self sending you online shopping packages (and bills) to future hungover you. (Future hungover you isn't nearly as amused as drunk you thought you'd be.) 

Rather than relying on a sobriety field test, Drunk Locker assumes that you are an adult and know in advance that you're going to go out drinking. You set your own time limit and specify which apps you'd like to block before you go out drinking — much like handing your keys to your friend before you go out if you're worried that you might try to drive.

You could also use Drunk Locker as a study aid while sober. If you know you're going to get distracted by social media on your phone, just time yourself out of it for a few hours while you work. 

Drunk Mode Monkey Block Calls

Drunk Mode Monkey Block Calls uses different dexterity-based challenges, but since it gives you a variety of challenges and a game-like interface, it may still be too easy and too tempting to unlock your phone while drunk. A drawback is that this is a paid app, while Drunk Blocker is free.