Apps to Avoid Drunk Texting and Posting

Woman drinking cocktail in a bar with a smartphone equipped with an app to prevent drunk texting

filadendron / Getty Images

Drinking and emailing isn't a great combo, especially when you send a regrettable message to an ex. Similarly, alcohol is at the root cause of embarrassing and ruinous texts and social media posts that seemed like a great idea at the time. Fortunately, there are apps that can save you from yourself and block you when you're in no condition to communicate.

While it no longer exists, Mail Goggles was an early Gmail Labs tool designed to prevent drunk emailing. When activated, Mail Goggles presented the user with math problems to solve before it would allow emails to be sent.

Drunk Locker 

Drunk Locker is a free Android app that is a total solution, allowing you to block Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Snapchat, and pretty much any other social media app that could get you into big trouble. Block shopping apps such as Amazon and PayPal, as well, to stop your drunk self from binge-buying unnecessary purchases.

Rather than relying on a sobriety field test, Drunk Locker assumes you are an adult who knows in advance that you'll be drinking. Set your own time limits and specify which apps you'd like to block before you go out.

Drunk Locker is an excellent study or work aid, as well. If you know you're going to get distracted by social media, lock yourself out of the online world for a few hours while you concentrate. 

Drunk Mode

Drunk Mode is a free iOS app that bills itself as both a party app and a safety app. It not only prevents drunk dialing via contact blocking but also includes a feature to help you track down your friends' whereabouts via GPS, should you be separated during a night of revelry. If you lose your wallet or sweater, the app lets you trace all the locations you visited over the course of an evening.

Drunk Mode will lock certain contacts you choose ahead of time for a preset amount of time up to 12 hours. If you try to disable this feature before time's up, you're presented with a complex math equation to solve.

Drunk Dial NO!

Drunk Dial NO! understands that many of us have certain contacts we just wouldn't call or text if we were thinking straight. The $1.99 iOS app hides a contact's phone number(s) and email address(es) for between one and 48 hours. Block as many contacts as you want.

The app even lets you send yourself a message up to 48 hours into the future, helping you caution your future, possible inebriated, self against making a bad mistake.

Unsend an Email

If you've ever sent an email and then been hit with waves of horror, Gmail has your back. Gmail's Undo Send feature is an antidote for hasty emailing. When Undo Send is enabled, you can pause a message from sending for up to 30 seconds after you select Send. This is especially handy for ill-advised and angry emails or even the occasional typo.