How to Not Get Banned From the Xbox Network

What you can do to avoid getting suspended

What to Know

  • Follow the rules in the Service Agreement you agreed to when you created your account.
  • Don't cheat, impersonate, harass, or upload offensive images to the Xbox network.
  • If you are suspended, go to the Xbox Enforcement Actions page for the reason and request a review.

This article explains how to avoid being banned from the Xbox network. It includes information on the different types of bans. This information applies to the Xbox network on all platforms including Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows 10.

Activities That Lead to an Xbox Network Ban

Microsoft's Xbox network service upholds strict community standards that all users must follow. Before you begin playing, you should know which types of behaviors can lead to a ban and what to do if your account gets suspended.

When you create an Xbox network account, you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and the Community Standards for the Xbox network. If another user reports you for violating the rules, a Microsoft employee will attempt to verify the accusation and determine if punishment is necessary. Microsoft has a full list of things that can get you suspended from the Xbox network including:

  • Cheating by using mods or exploiting game glitches
  • Account tampering
  • Gamerscore or achievement tampering
  • Account theft
  • Marketplace theft
  • Impersonation
  • Harassment
  • Phishing
  • Solicitation
  • Offensive gamertags, real names, or club names
  • Offensive images or DVR content uploads
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What to Do if Your Xbox Network Account Is Suspended

You can visit the Xbox Enforcement Actions page to find out why your account was suspended and request a review.

If you are banned from the Xbox network for violating community standards, you cannot get a refund for your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Types of Xbox Bans and Suspensions

Depending on the policy violation, Microsoft can issue different types of penalties.

Temporary Bans

You can get suspended from using specific Xbox network features for minor offenses. For example, you may be unable to upload content or chat with other players. More egregious violations, such as cheating or harassment, can lead to your entire account getting suspended. Temporary bans can last from 24 hours to two weeks depending on the severity of the infringement and any previous offenses.

Gamertag Bans

Microsoft doesn't tolerate racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive language in gamertags. Microsoft will give you a free chance to change your gamertag if it gets reported. If you don't comply, your gamertag will be banned.

Permanent and Device Bans

Repeated violations of the Xbox network Community Standards can result in your account getting permanently banned. Modding your Xbox system or attempting online fraud can lead to a device ban, which prevents all accounts on your console from connecting to the service.

Some games have separate community rules in addition to Microsoft's. It's possible to get suspended from individual games for violating such policies.

The Xbox Network Reputation System

Microsoft introduced the Xbox network reputation system to help users avoid problem players and cut down on the number of enforcement complaints. It allows gamers to provide feedback about each others' behavior online. This system is separate from the Community Standards, so having a poor reputation will not result in a ban; you'll just be matched with other players with similar reputations in multiplayer games.

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