AviaGames Study Reveals Moms Are the New Mobile Gamers

40 percent use it to help deal with stress

Mobile game developer AviaGames revealed the results of its Mother's Day survey to show off an ever-increasing audience of moms playing video games to relieve stress.

The survey was conducted in early April 2022 and asked over 33,000 female players in the US about their gaming habits, like why they play and how it fits into their lives. Some of the results showed that 40 percent play mobile games to deal with stress, and around 65 percent play up to four hours a day.

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The survey also revealed a shift in gaming behavior. Over 50 percent of gaming moms worked full-time jobs, with a little more than 10 percent working part-time. Funnily enough, the data revealed that nearly half surveyed would rather play games than spend time with their significant other.

Mobile gaming may also have the unintended effect of saving money as more than 40 percent surveyed would rather game than go shopping or even sleep. And 60 percent actively play and further identify as hardcore.

These numbers illustrate how popular mobile gaming is within the gaming industry. Looking at more figures by Statista, the mobile gaming market takes up 57 percent of video game revenue across the globe.

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In the US alone, the market has a value of over $25 billion, crushing the 2020 record of $10.73 billion. It also turns out that puzzle games make the most money which is what AviaGames specializes in alongside casino titles.

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