Yamaha AVENTAGE BD-A1040 Blu-ray Disc Player

Yamaha AVENTAGE BD-A1040 Blu-ray Disc Player. Photo © Yamaha Electronics Corporation.

Yamaha has announced the pending availability of its latest generation flagship Blu-ray Disc player, the BD-A1040.

The BD-A1040 is part of Yamaha's AVENTAGE line of products with sturdy construction and higher-end audio and video features. For its part the BD-A1040 incorporates both 2D and 3D Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and CD playback, as well as SACD and DVD-Audio playback via HDMI. Additional audio outputs include both digital optical and digital coaxial, as well as a set of 2-channel analog audio outputs.

Other features include built-in Ethernet and WiFi options for easy access to a host of internet-based content (such as Vudu, YouTube Leanback, and more.

In addition to internet-based content, you can also access media files downloaded or stored on a Miracast or Bluetooth-compatible portable devices (such as smartphones or tablets), or local home home network via DLNA, as well as direct plug-in of compatible devices (flash drives) to eiterh the front or rear mounted USB ports. File format compatibility includes: AVCHD, DivX Plus® HD, H.264, MPEG TS, MPEG-4, VOB, AVI, ASF, and WMV.

RS-232C connectivity is also provided for custom installation control applications. For additional control convenience, the Yamaha BD-A1040 also provides access to free iOS, Android remote control apps.

However, as much as this player from Yamaha does offer, for me, there are three disappointments: the BD-A1040 does not provide 4K upscaling, nor does it have a second HDMI output that would be useful for audio connection to HDMI-equipped home theater receivers that may not be 3D compatible (when also using the player with a 3D TV or video projector), and it doesn't have a set of 5.1./7.1 analog audio outputs for passing Multi-channel PCM, DVD-Audio, and surround sound SACDs on older home theater receivers that may not have HDMI inputs, but may provide a set of 5.1/7.1 channel analog audio inputs. On the other hand, if these missing features are not of concern, the BD-A1040 is definitely worth consideration.

The suggested price for the BD-A1040 is $449.95. 

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