AutoReply 2.2 - Email Auto-Responder

The Bottom Line

AutoReply is an easy to use, but quite powerful autoresponder. Lacking advanced features needed for marketing purposes, AutoReply is perfect for holiday auto-replies, for example.


  • AutoReply is easy to set up and use
  • Lets you specify to which messages it should reply
  • Doesn't auto-reply the same sender persistently


  • AutoReply supports POP accounts only
  • Lacks flexible filters and automation
  • Few variables for message customization


  • AutoReply sends automatic replies to incoming emails in multiple POP accounts.
  • Each account can have a different message in AutoReply.
  • Automatically generated replies can include the original mail's sender, subject, recipient and date.
  • AutoReply can be configured to send replies only to emails matching certain criteria.
  • You can specify flexibly how often AutoReply should respond to mail from the same sender.
  • AutoReply supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - AutoReply 2.2 - Email Auto-Responder

Any decent email client with reasonably flexible filters can reply to mail automatically while you're not at the office or not at home—if you invest a lot of time in setting it up.

AutoReply can do all that much easier, and in a flexible fashion. AutoReply lets you specify different replies for different accounts, and you can make it send auto-replies only to incoming mail matching certain criteria.

Unfortunately, these filters lack in flexibility, and you can't send different replies to different messages. Message personalization is generally a bit limited in AutoReply. But configured to reply to the same sender only once (or only once a week maybe), AutoReply makes a great holiday auto-responder.