Automatic Twitter Feeds: Pros and Cons

The Tools That Tweet for You

Twitter feed
Twitter Feed. Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Automatic Twitter feeds have revolutionized the way that business owners are able to use Twitter. No longer do business owners have to spend their whole day behind the wheel of a feed, but they can populate it automagically in their absence too. These automatic tools can be used to repost blog posts and share them with the world. Writing your way to success has never been easier than with an automatic Twitter feed.

Cue the infomercial right?

I have to tell you that I'm not a strong advocate for using automatic Twitter feeds because it makes people lazy. If my car would run to the coffee shop and pick me up a tea every morning, why would I bother to leave the house right?

It's not that I don't use automatic Twitter feeds, but I've played around with them enough to know what they're good for. An auto-feed is great for filling in the gaps. Heck, I use one for @About_Tweeting because I've promised my readers that they'll get Twitter news and gosh darn it I can't watch every news feed for a mention of Twitter all day long. I have things to do! So instead, I connected Feedburner up to about twenty different news sites, and whenever they use the name Twitter in a headline, my account auto Tweets the headline.

That's not the end of my involvement, though. I manually Tweet every day too. That's the part that some people forget when they set up automatic feeds, and it's why I don't recommend it on a broad level. You've got a life to live, that's fine, but don't bother using Twitter if you're not going to use it. Twitter is one of the best social networks for building an audience, as long as you're listening.

But, since you asked, let's get into it.

Here are some tools you should know about:

Then don't forget about delayed auto-Tweeting from services like Buffer and as a perk in Hootsuite.

The Benefits of an Automatic Twitter Feed

The benefits of automatically updating a Twitter account is that you don't have to pay high fees to a marketing company. Also, you don't have to waste valuable time in logging into a Twitter account to post a similar update that is related to a blog post. You can simply use an RSS feed to allow the blog post to be automatically updated to your Twitter account. Here are some of the other benefits of using an RSS feed to automatically update a Twitter account:

  • Increase the number of viewers for your business's blog.
  • Save time in posting links to a Twitter page.
  • Cut down your business's expenses by using an automatic feed.
  • Offer timely and consistent updates to all of your Twitter followers.
  • Provide instant updates to all of your followers with minimal effort.

It is easy to find an automatic feed to use for your Twitter account. All you need to do is search online for a company that offers automated feed service. I use Feedburner (and really hope Google doesn't take it away!)

Typically, all you need to do is post a hyperlink on a blog that you already have. This hyperlink will then link to a Twitter account, and it will allow you to instantly transfer new blog posts in the form of updated links to the Twitter account. You may even be able to modify the updates that are provided on a Twitter account in regards to your blog. It may be possible to type in new information, such as a shortened title for a blog post or a quick description. This may be better language to use than the first few words of the title that you decide upon for a blog post.

An automatic Twitter feed is also useful for other types of social media. Many businesses are finding that Twitter feeds are very helpful when they are used with Facebook. On Facebook, a business may post status updates that it wants to automatically share with the world. An automatic feed can be installed that will allow a business to transfer these updates to a Twitter account.

It is important to keep the consistency factor in mind when deciding whether to use a Twitter feed.

It is vital for businesses to determine how they will be able to deliver consistent content to customers on social media outlets. Customers appreciate receiving news from businesses that relate to special deals or sales. They also want to be able to learn about the new products that a business has to offer. It is in the best interests of business owners to take the time to research options for installing an automatic Twitter feed on a business account. With an automatic Twitter feed, business owners will never forget to share important information with customers.

Automated Twitter feeds can also be used as a way for businesses to target the attention of customers onto particular products that the business is offering on a website. New product just got added to the website? How about a Tweet to let everyone know? If you have your product line set up as an RSS feed, it can auto-post. This will allow customers to click on the links to products that interest them. Clothing stores can certainly benefit from this feature, and it is a great way to promote the season's hottest clothing and accessories.

Customers will love being able to peruse the latest designer handbags or other accessories that a fashion designer has to offer.

I still caution most people to keep away from automated feed services because I think it enables laziness 90% of the time. But if you're really just using it to fill in the gaps in between lots of conversation and manual posts, then it can't hurt.