Automatically Remove Old Mail From Mac OS X Mail Trash

Get rid of old messages—and retrieve any that you want back

The Trash folder in Mac OS X Mail serves a few different functions. Among them is acting as an in-between holding spot for messages you want to delete. To save space, you can set Mail up to automatically "take out the trash" permanently after a period of time you designate.

The instructions here apply to Apple Mail installed as part of Mac OS X. The steps are similar in other versions of Apple Mail, however.

Mac Mail app shown running on macOS Sierra

Here's how:

  1. Select Mail > Preferences from the Mail menu.

    Selecting Preferences in Mail.
  2. Go to the Accounts category.

    Selecting Accounts.
  3. Highlight the account with the Trash folder you want to configure.

    Selecting an account.
  4. Go to the Mailboxes Behaviors tab.

    Selecting Mailbox Behaviors.
  5. Under Erase deleted messages, choose the appropriate option (for example, One month/week/day old ). Close the dialog to save your changes.

    Selecting an amount of time.

Mail that is of the specified age will automatically be erased on an ongoing basis.