Automatic Print Email 3.0 Tool Review

Side view of young businesspeople setting up printer with laptops at desk
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Automatic Print Email sends incoming emails (and attached files, if desired) from any POP email account right to the printer. While filters and print templates give you quite a bit of control over the process, both could be more comprehensive and simpler. It would be great if Automatic Print Email could print attached images itself, as default apps can require user input.


  • Automatic Print Email sends incoming emails and, if desired, attachments right to the printer.
  • Using sender, subject, recipient and size filters, you can control what is printed.
  • You can customize the template Automatic Print Email uses to print messages.


  • Automatic Print Email uses default apps to print attachments, which may not do it unattended.
  • Even more control over what gets printed and where might be nice.
  • Editing the print template is a tedious plain text affair.


  • Automatic Print Email checks multiple POP email accounts for new mail and prints messages right away.
  • You can filter for the sender, subject, recipient, and message size. Different kinds of mail can be sent to different printers.
  • Automatic Print Email can print attached files in addition to message text, using the file type's default application.
  • You can customize the print template in Automatic Print Email.
  • For PDF and TIFF files, Automatic Print Email can print multiple pages per sheet.
  • You can run Automatic Print Email as a Windows service in the background.
  • Automatic Print Email supports Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.


Suddenly, faxes are so appealing. Sure, the technology looks old, but the documents come printed on paper: real, tangible results!

With Automatic Print Email, you can have a similar experience for email. Automatic Print Email prints incoming emails right away and includes attached files as well.

If not all the mail you get is worthy of the printing treatment, you can selectively exclude or include senders, recipients, subject keywords, and messages over or below a certain size. Certain attachment types can also be kept from printing, and Automatic Print Email can shrink PDF or TIFF attachments to fit on fewer pages. The filtering options are quite comprehensive, but could still be more precise — and a tad easier to handle.

Automatic Print Email uses each attachment's default application to print. Often, this works just fine. Sometimes, the applications require user input to print, however. It would be nice if Automatic Print Email could handle image attachments itself and print them as it prints images appearing in HTML message bodies.

If the default template Automatic Print Email uses for printing messages is not your style, you can replace it with your own. The format is limited and sparsely documented, however, and you have to do the editing in a text editor.