How to Highlight One Sender's Mail Automatically

Sort your inbox at a glance

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Mryfa / Pixabay / Public Domain

Not all emails are equally important. Messages from friends rank higher than some newsletters, for example.

Some like to have Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, and Outlook Express highlight them automatically with a color so the can quickly and easily concentrate on these important emails.

Highlight One Sender's Mail Automatically

To highlight all messages from a particular sender automatically with a color in Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

  • Select Tools > Message Rules > Mail (or Tools > Message rules > Mail) from the menu.
  • Select the New button.
  • Make sure Where the From line contains people is selected under conditions.
  • Select Highlight it with color under Actions.
  • Select contains people in the Rule Description.
  • Enter the sender's email address or select it from the address book using the Address Book button.
  • Select OK.
  • Select color in the Rule Description.
  • Use the Color drop-down menu to select the color Outlook Express should use to highlight matching emails.
  • Give the new filter a descriptive name under Name of the rule.
    • (Something like > navy maybe).
  • Select OK.
  • Select OK again.