How to Check the Spelling Automatically in Mozilla Thunderbird

Adeel Anwer/Flickr/CC 2.0

Spell checkers are not only useful, their attempts to correct mistakes can also be very funny. So if you're not running the spell checker in Mozilla Thunderbird because you think it will correct your misspellings, run it for the fun in it, and run it automatically. Yes, Mozilla Thunderbird can check the spelling of every message automatically before it sends it.

Check the Spelling of Every Message Automatically in Mozilla Thunderbird

To have Mozilla Thunderbird check the spelling of every message automatically right before it is sent:

  • Select Tools | Options…, Thunderbird | Preferences… or Edit | Preferences… from the menu.
  • Go to the Composition category.
  • Choose the Spelling tab.
  • Make sure Check spelling before sending is checked.
  • Close the preferences window.

From now on, Mozilla Thunderbird will run the spell checker against every message before delivering it, and maybe deliver some spelling corrections, but certainly lots of giggles.

(Updated December 2011)