Outlook Auto BCC/CC Email Addresses

Auto BCC/CC for Outlook makes it easy to copy certain email addresses automatically on outgoing mail, and its filters let you decide what kind of message is Bcc:ed or Cc:ed to whom. It would be nice, though, if Auto BCC/CC for Outlook could note while composing which of its rules apply.


  • Auto BCC/CC for Outlook lets you copy outgoing messages to Bcc: or Cc: addresses automatically
  • Using filters, Auto BCC/CC for Outlook can add certain recipients based on message criteria


  • Auto BCC/CC for Outlook could let you know while composing to whom a message will be copied
  • The rules used by Auto BCC/CC for Outlook could be more flexible


  • Auto BCC/CC for Outlook adds email addresses to the Cc: or Bcc: fields of outgoing messages automatically.
  • You can add recipients to all emails or use Auto BCC/CC for Outlook's rules to specify conditions.
  • Auto BCC/CC for Outlook can look for subjects, other recipients, attachment names or the account used.
  • You can select Auto BCC/CC for Outlook recipients comfortably from your Outlook contacts.
  • Auto BCC/CC for Outlook supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Outlook 2000-2007.


Do you add an email address to the Bcc: field of all outgoing messages in Outlook? Or at least wish you did?

Auto BCC/CC for Outlook takes care of that, and in a smart manner. Using rules, you can specify email addresses you want to add to either the Cc: or the Bcc: field of outgoing messages when certain criteria are met: mail from a particular account, with certain recipients, subjects or attachments.

The filter construction dialog is itself constructed in a bit confusing a manner (you can rules that look only for words in the "Subject" line, regardless of the account, for example), and Auto BCC/CC for Outlook's rules could be more flexible for even more precision, but all in all they do a great job copying exactly the right messages to exactly the right people — automatically.

With multiple, maybe overlapping rules, and to let senders know what will happen, it would be nice for Auto BCC/CC for Outlook to show somewhere in the message composition window what email addresses are going to be added.