Automatically Add New Yahoo! Mail Contacts

Make a new contact for everyone you email without lifting a finger

A rolodex for contacts.
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Typing in every new email contact can be a real pain. Instead of adding Yahoo contacts the manual way, you can set up Yahoo Mail to automatically add contacts to your address book when you email someone new. Don't worry. You won't be stuck with everything it adds. If you decide you don't want a contact that was automatically added, you can easily delete it or even shut off the automatic contact management feature altogether.

How to Set up Automatic Address Book Assignment

Follow these steps to make Yahoo Mail create a new address book entry for each new email recipient:

  1. With Yahoo Mail open, select the contacts icon at the top-right of the page, next to Sort.

    Contacts icon in Yahoo Mail
  2. Select the gear icon and choose Settings.

    Settings menu item in Yahoo Mail
  3. Select Writing email on the left side.

    Writing email link in Yahoo Mail settings
  4. Make sure Automatically add new recipients to Contacts is enabled.

    Automatically add new recipients to Contacts checkbox
  5. Click Save.

It's also possible to add senders and recipients of emails to your Yahoo! Mail.

How to Edit or Delete Yahoo Mail Contacts

All the automatically assigned Yahoo Mail contacts will appear in your Contacts list. This is the exact same place your contacts go when you add them manually. Yahoo Mail doesn't treat them as two types of contacts, and you can manage them the same way.

  1. With Yahoo Mail open, select the contacts icon at the top-right of the page, next to Sort.

  2. Select the contact you wish to edit. Choose Delete from the top menu to remove the contact, or Edit Details to make changes to it.

    Edit Details and Delete button in Yahoo Mail
  3. Edit any details you want to change.

  4. Select Save to apply any modifications to your contact.

The Yahoo Mail Actions Menu

The Actions menu in your Yahoo Mail address book provides additional options for managing contacts. For example, you can sort the entire address book by first or last name to make it easier to quickly sift through the list. You can also sort contacts by their email address.

Yahoo Mail Actions menu

This is the same menu you must access to import contacts from other websites like Facebook, Google,, other email accounts, or through a CSV or VCF file. You can also export the contacts from this screen. The Actions menu is also where you would go to remove duplicate contacts, print all of your contacts, and even restore your address book from an automatic backup.