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2nd Generation Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show
Use the Alexa Equalizer to Adjust the Sound on Your Amazon Echo
Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speaker Setup
What Is Dolby Atmos Immersive Surround Sound?
Audio Return Channel showing built-in tuner, audio cable and HDMI connections
What Is HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel)?
Crossfade: What It Is and How to Crossfade Songs for Smooth Transitions
Music equalizer background
Fix Harsh or Raw Sounding Music Vocals Called Sibilance
Microphone with red background
What Is a High Pass Filter?
A close up view of a fiber optic digital audio cable
Unsure About Your TOSLINK? Here's What to Know to Get up to Speed
Hi-Fi Stereo System
What's PCM Audio, and What Does It Do for Your Home Theater?
Picture of Sony WH1000XM2 Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
What Is the aptX Bluetooth Codec and Why Do Some Devices Use It?
beFree Sound 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bluetooth Speaker System
What Is Surround Sound Audio?
Two couples singing while wearing party props and sitting on a couch.
Karaoke at Home Is the Creatively Fun Party Idea to Do This Weekend
A stack of audio casette tapes
Are Lossless Audio Formats Worth Using?
A pair of Beats headphones next to a laptop
What Is The ALAC Codec Option in iTunes?
RCA input and output back panel upside down
What Is an RCA Jack?
Yamaha A-S1100 Two-Channel Integrated Stereo Amplifier
Yamaha Goes Old School Stereo With the A-S1100 Integrated Amplifier
Hi-Res Audio logo
Introduction to Hi-Res Audio
DTS Digital Entertainment Logo
What Does DTS Mean in Home Theater Audio?
A digital bitstream
How Bitstream Audio Is Used in Home Theater
Close up of volume knob on surround sound system
What You Need To Know About DTS:X Surround Sound Format
Vintage Altec Lansing horn speakers
Why Audiophiles Love Vintage Horn Speakers
Tower speaker in modern furnished room
How to Use a Speaker Switch for Easy Multi-Room Audio
A multi-room music system.
Whole House Audio & Multi-Room Music Systems
Woman listening to her headphones
Output Impedance: What Is It, and Why It Matters
A home stereo receiver and amplifier next to a single bookshelf speaker
Introduction to Audio Components
DTS Neo:6 Logo
Find Out What DTS Neo:6 Is and How You Can Use It
Illustration of a family looking at a TV with the Setup Menu onscreen
Help! My Audio and Video Aren't in Sync
A digitized sonic wave on a graph of blue
Scary Truths of Intermodulation Distortion That You Don't Hear
Marantz AV7702mkII AV Preamp/Processor
What a Preamplifier Is and How to Use It In a Home Theater Setup
Yamaha MusicCast System Illustration - 2015
Yamaha MusicCast Expands Home Audio to Every Room
A black, two-way bass reflex speaker on a white background
A Bass Reflex (Or Ported) Speaker Can Alter Low-End Sound, But How?
Jamo J 112 Sub Subwoofer
What Does the .1 Mean in Surround Sound?
VLC Media Player Equalizer
VLC Media Player: Using the Equalizer to Improve Music Playback
Buffalo Link Station LS500 Home Network Attached Storage Device
How a Media Server Shares Photos, Music, and Movies
Official DTS 96/24 Logo
Get the Rundown on the DTS 96/24 Audio Format
Audyssey DSX Speaker Placement Example
Audyssey DSX: What You Need to Know
Yamaha YAS-706 Sound Bar with Subwoofer System
What Is a Sound Bar?
Official DTS Neo:X Logo with 11.1 Channel Speaker Layout Diagram
A Look at DTS Neo:X Audio Processing
An open living room and kitchen area with furnishings and audio/video equipment
Ready for Whole Home Audio? Having a Plan Makes a Smoother Experience
Volume knob
Spotlight on DTS Extended Surround
Speaker placement diagram
Everything You've Wanted to Know about 'Surround Sound'
Unhappy person listening to the music in the city
Lossy Audio Formats: Do You Know the Difference?
Retro speakers stacked like tetris.
Differences Between Monophonic, Stereophonic, and Surround Sound
The Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 wireless speaker
Which Wireless Audio Technology Is Right for You?
Polk Audio HTS Subwoofers
The Ultimate Subwoofer Buying Guide
Digital musical notes with neon light curves
Streaming Devices Benefit From the HE-AAC Audio Format
A signal strength meter showing input power and output decibels
What Is a dB in Music and Why Is It Important in Home Theaters?
Powerline Audio System from IO Gear
Can You Send Audio or Video Over Existing Home Wiring?
Multi-Channel Analog Audio Inputs and Outputs
Multichannel Analog Audio Connections: What Are They For?
DJ playing music at party in backyard
7 Things to Consider Before Starting a DJ Business
An illustration of the requirements for a wireless home theater system.
What to Look For in Wireless Home Theater Speakers
HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Audio System Logo and Products
The Denon HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Audio System
A person browsing through television channels with a remote control.
Here's How Dolby Digital Works
Blu-ray showing Bitstream vs. PCM
Blu-Ray Disc Player Audio Settings: Which is Better: Bitstream vs. PCM?
Illustration of a person installing a soundbar under their TV
Why You Need a Center Channel Speaker
Fluance DB150 Powered Subwoofer and Audio IWS-88 In-Wall Passive Subwoofer
Which Type of Subwoofer Is Right for You?
Diffusers mounted on wall; diffusers standing on legs.
A Simple, Cheap Way to Great Room Acoustics
Sonos Family with Echo Dot
Let Alexa Take Control of Your Sonos Music System
SONOS Product Examples
What is Sonos and How Do You Set It Up for Home Audio?
Stack of various speakers
What Speaker Impedance Means and Why It Matters

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