"ATV Offroad Fury Pro" Cheats for the Sony PSP

From bikes to parts to events, unlock the cool stuff

ATV Offroad Fury Pro (PSP)
Sony Computer Entertainment

Offroading with the PSP gets a whole lot easier—and more fun—in "ATV Offroad Fury Pro" when you unlock just about every vehicle, part, piece of gear, and event available! 


To enter codes, from the main menu go to "Options" and then to "Player Profile." Input the following codes under "Enter Cheat" to activate the corresponding cheat benefit.

Cheat CodeEffect
happyUnlock all bikes and ATVs
lazyboyUnlock new tricks
crazyUnlock bonus tracks
mazeUnlock all parts
$moneybags$Get 1,500 credits
TO LAZYUnlock all ATVs (excluding G-Ride and Fury bikes)
TRICK IT OUTUnlock all bike parts
N0GAMEUnlock all events
SMOG TESTUnlock all exhausts
All AccessUnlock everything (excluding the Fury bike)
+THREEUnlock Ravage Talon ATVs
BillboardsUnlock all music videos
DudsUnlock all rider gear
DubsUnlock rims

Take these cheats for a spin for the ultimate PSP offroading experience.